[Story] The Unfaithful Husband

The Unfaithful Husband…………….

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David came home – home? – thoroughly exhausted. He had come straight from the airport where he went to see his Chairman and his whole family off. Their last boy was graduating that week, abroad.

David needed rest. He would have loved to drive straight to the house in Banana Island where he could tumble into bed and sleep like a baby since there was none there: for at least eight hours, non-stop. But he could not afford to. He had not seen his wife and two children in four days.

Simi was sitting in the mist of rumpled bed sheets and un-arranged pillows and an unmade bed when her husband walked in. She was still in her night gown at about..? David’s white face Omega wristwatch told the time – 12:59pm – almost one o’clock in the middle of a working day! Her one month old coiffure was still under a net.

It was the children’s mid-term break, so they were in bed with her. On sighting their dad their eyes became round and shiny with joy. They were restrained from jumping on him by past warnings that they should not to do so to their dad when he came home.
David dropped his briefcase (which he brought home for a show for there was nothing in it that he needed at home) and his jacket on a chair then he stepped out of his shoes. His stockings were pure silk – he wore the best now. For the past one year, he had quickly stepped up on the rungs of the success ladder. Only he would never tell his wife what those rungs were made of.

He unloosened his handmade red tie and pulled it from his neck; his sky blue Pierre Cardin shirt went next. He was so fast that within three minutes he had stripped down to his white Calvin Klein cotton boxers and jumped into bed with his children and their mother. And there was a bit of rough and tumble as the little ones went crazy over him.
When all the rough and tumble subsided, they had the snacks David brought home for them – some cookies and luxury wafers and candies. Sooner the novelty of their father’s return came to an end and they were taken away by the maid. The husband and wife deliberately busied themselves with other things until nightfall when the children had gone to bed and there was nothing else they could pretend to be doing. Then, they faced the quiet moment, the moment of truth.

Moment of truth? Whats this all about! Check out in the next Episode.

God Bless!

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Oduniyi Olajide David

The CEO of GospelBreed Inc. I'm a Christian Blogger || Graphics and Website Designer || Digital Expert || Content Creator || Blog ScientistYou wanna know more about me?Follow Me On: Facebook & Twitter


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