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Story: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged….Episode 6

Destiny Delayed But Unchanged….

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……….Episode 6

I woke up quite early and jet out. It would be a long journey back to Lagos and I left home early enough.

I didn’t say goodbye to anybody. Not Micheal, not his mom, not Linda. I slipped a note under Linda’s door that reads “Take care of him” but I didn’t say goodbye or anything related to it.

As I drag my small box and handbag out of the compound, memories of Micheal and I came flooding through and I tried to fight back the tears that are trying so hard to drop.

I remember the first time we met, our first kiss, our first real date, our first everything and what eventually tore us apart. I remember the past few days and last night.

When I realise I can’t take it anymore, I stood on the road and cover my hands with my eyes as I let the tears flow freely.

He’s gone. Forever. Why did I let him? Why did I let him become Linda’s? Why didn’t I fight harder? Why did I come here? Why is it so hard to let go? Would I feel better?

A few people walk by and send me concerned looks but I quickly find my tissue paper and I clean my face while I scan the area for a taxi.

One eventually slows down and I get in.

“I love you” I whisper as the driver makes his way to the park.


“Are you okay Rebecca?” David’s concerned voice asks over the phone and again I felt like crying.

“I’m not David…I don’t know why and I don’t know if I’m even allowed to feel this way but I’m not” I reply, trying hard not to cry again.

David sighs and continues to talk “I knew it would be hard for you. But are you sure you are doing the right thing?”

“By leaving? Yes I am. I’m giving them the opportunity to be happy” I answer.

“At the expense of your own happiness” he says

“David, I am not the other woman. I’m not the woman who ruins the relationship because she wants the man…”

“No you aren’t the other woman. You are the main woman. Whether you leave today or not, Linda would forever be the other woman in Micheal’s world”

I didn’t say anything, I ponder on his words. Oh my heart is going to break. Its like one year ago all over again.

“Should I pick you up at the park in Lagos?” He asks me

“Yes” I reply.

“I love you Rebecca. Be safe” he responded and I noded like he can see me.


I slept all through the journey back to Lagos. I didn’t want to think of Micheal, so I decided to doze off. Sleeping didn’t help much though as I see him in my dream all through.

I’m just messed up. Maybe time would heal me; maybe burying my head in work will help.

David is at the park as he promised and when I sighted him, I ran into his arms like a little child and lean on him while fresh tears begin to form. He kisses my head and holds me there while I cry.

We eventually make it to his sleek Range Rover after I’ve shed enough tears to bathe a baby.

While we drive to his place, I thank God for the first time ever that David is a Film Actor. That is the reason he can have so much time on his hand for me.

I listen to him tell me his planned itinerary for us in the next one week. It includes attending the entire classy red carpets event he’s been invited to as an A-list actor and travelling to Ghana and South Africa. I laugh for the first time in days, the blogs and media would have a filled day reporting this.

“Guess what? I made a playlist of all your fave songs here…you gats to feel better,” he said as he connects an auxiliary cord to his phone and his music player and the amazing voice of Sinach fills the car.

I smiled and hold his hands tight, he smiles back and winks at me.

“I got you” he said, and I’m glad that he’s there for me. It makes me feel somewhat better.

My phone rings and I pick it to check, it is Micheal’s mom.

“Hello ma” I said immediately I picked the call.

“Are you with Micheal? Because he is not picking his calls and he’s not home. We’ve been looking for him for hours” she said and I frown. Now that’s strange.

“No ma…I…”

I’m interrupted by someone who walks into the room Micheal’s mum is calling from.


I hear her say.

“Rebecca, what do you know about this?”

“Know about what ma?”

“They said he’s left the country. He dropped a note for Linda that he’s left the country. Please come here now. Where are you?”

My jaw drops as I turn to face my best friend. What the heck does Micheal think he’s doing?

I remembered the statement Micheal made to me when i was heading out of the kitchen the other day at his house…. “I’m going to hurt her”…Could this be his plan? I asked myself.

-To Be Continued-

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