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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 78

Haunted by my Past Mistake….

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 78

“David really is a devil. He hates me,” Abigail resumed crying. “Oh God. Someone should please save me. I feel so helpless and empty. God, please keep James safe for me. I need your help more than ever,” she shut her eyes and poured her heart to God fervently with quivering lips.
“Sir, someone’s here to see you,” a young maid of about twenty interrupted the gentle men.

James head tilted towards he direction of the maid. “Let him in.”

“Its a woman, sir,” the maid replied, bowing.

Detective Joshua and James exchanged quick glanced. Through their facial expressions, they already knew who it was.

“Quick, Joshua hide,” James said to the detective.

“What are you about to do?” Detective Joshua shot at him.

“Just hide, quickly,” James repeated.

Detective Joshua reluctantly obeyed and went into James room.

“Go get her.”

The maid nodded and briskly walked to get the unexpected visitor.

James hurriedly composed himself. He smiled to himself as an evil idea ran across his mind.

“James!” Victoria exclaimed on seeing James seated on a sofa. She was so mad at him, especially after being embarrassed by the doctor. She had sworn he’d pay for what he did.

James head shot up as he heard his name from his guest. He took a deep breath, getting ready to start his evil plan. He got up and turned to face her. A smile touched the corners of his mouth. “Victoria, what a pleasant surprise, please come and sit,” he gestured.

Victoria ran a hand through her hair. Why is he being so nice to me? she thought to herself.

“Why did you do what you did? Why did you not inform me that you’ve been discharged?” Victoria questioned him.

“Please, take it easy. I was going to call you but I lost my cell. I haven’t got the time to get a new one,” James truthfully explained, with a tone of sincerity.

James reply came as a surprise to Victoria. She had expected him to shout back at her and even throw her out. But he acted differently. She regretted shouting at him. “Um, and your memory? You know everything,” she accused, in a rather, calm manner.

“Come and sit,” he took her by the hand and led her to a couch. He watched as she settled in. When she was done, she turned to face with curious eyes. He knew he had to explain things further.

“Are you really here to fight about that? You should be happy I am okay.”

Victoria sighed deeply, “I am glad you are alright. I know it must have been terrible at the hospital.”

“Yes,” James replied, nodding. “It was bad.”

“I’m sorry I yelled at you when I came. I wasn’t happy you hid the fact that you are now home from me,” Victoria wholeheartedly apologised.

“You don’t have to apologise,” James whispered into her ears. “Its understandable.”

Victoria was utterly taken aback by James nice words. It was soothing as well as comforting. His face drawn to her’s and feeling his breath on her ear caused her to tingle with emotions. James was being nice to her, she fought back the urge to scream with joy. He was gradually getting back to her.

“But she still occupies your mind,” Victoria jealously admitted.

“Are you referring to Abigail?” James asked.

“Who else? She’s the only one you think about. You never even spare a moment for me,” Victoria sighed sadly.

“Its exactly what I’m doing now. Making time for you,” James said desperately.

She scoffed. “I’m not buying that. What happened to ‘she has my heart, I love her so much, she’s my choice,’ huh?”

James looked remorseful. He hung his head, “Yes, you are right. I’m sorry, I don’t even deserve to look at your face.”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just that a day ago, you wanted me out of your life. I’m curious, what made you change your mind, if you’ve really changed it?”

James grasped her hand tightly, “She hasn’t come for me. I waited and waited. I don’t want to, I think I’m starting to give up on her. Just be with me for now. If she doesn’t appear, I’ll have to be with you.”

Not a bad idea, she thought.

“I’ll just be your Abigail. Let me into your heart,” Victoria purred.

“I’m sorry for the way I have treated you. I don’t really deserve the kindness you’re showing to me,” James sent her a contrite look.

Victoria grinned. Her heart was pounding, she was simply excited. “Its good to hear you talk to me that way once again. I’ve dreamt and waited for this moment, it’s finally here. It was worth the wait,” she concluded and threw herself into his arms. “I love you, James.”

James only chuckled.

To Be Continued…

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