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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 79

Haunted by my Past Mistake….

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 79

“The doctor, the doctor,” Victoria kept pacing in her bedroom repeating those two words – the doctor. She could not easily forget the conversation she had with him earlier that day. His voice kept echoing in her head – ‘I’m watching you. Abigail’s watching you too. You won’t get away.’

Whatever does he mean by that? The thought of that made her shudder.

That doctor was with James. They’re close friends. If the doctor was aware, James must be aware too. James, was he playing with her emotions? She didn’t know what to think anymore. Getting the doctor out of her way was more important. James comes later, she just had to enjoy the attention he decided to show her. She smiled at the thought of that.

She laid on her bed and closed her eyes, reminiscing the time she spent with James – in his arms. A pleasant smile touched her face. The only man who had found a way into her heart and have refused to leave. The only man she has ever loved and will only love. James meant the whole world to her. She was ready to do anything just to get him and to keep him to herself. She wasn’t going to spare any who would come between them.

Her cellphone buzzed, jolting her out of her deep thinking. She sat up with a jerk. It was David calling.

“How’d it go?” he asked over the phone.

Victoria rubbed her head hard. “We have a problem.”

“State it,” David replied hastily.

Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 79

“How am I supposed to know?” Victoria retorted.

There was silence for a few seconds.

“It’s James,” David breathed out.

Victoria tried laughing it off. “You must be joking. It can’t be my baby. It just can’t be.”

“I have to disagree with you.”

“Its not true.”

“Lets meet up and talk about this. You know where.” David hung up.

“It can’t be true,” Victoria kept muttering as the phone fell from her hand.
Abigail reluctantly opened her eyes, only to be greeted by darkness. She couldn’t see a thing, nor fathom what was around her. She’d always been scared of the dark and this was a frightening experience for her. Her heartbeat was faster than normal. She saw shadows moving here and there. One seemed to be coming close to her, but when it reached her, it vanished into thin air. She heard creepy sounds. It was all weird and terrifying. She was too scared to even scream. Tears only ran down from her eyes.

The wind began blowing violently. She heard the faint whispers of the grasses outside the room. A window creaked open in response to the breeze. Moments later, that same window was jammed against the shutters. The loud sound caught her attention. She shivered and tightly closed her eyes.

A calm set in. The weird sounds were no more heard. The breeze stilled and the window did not make any more noise. The calmness was beginning to get to her. She was feeling calm and tried to force herself back to sleep. She was aching all over and her stomach rumbled. It reminded her that she had not eaten in days. The pain kept her awake. Her eyes were shut, but sleep went farther and farther away from her. She silently begged sleep to come. She needed it to remain sane.

All of a sudden, the wind rushed over that area which sent the window creaking and jamming against shutters. She could hear the curtains billowing in the breeze. The sounds pierced her ears that she began to weep bitterly. She was afraid. She wished to become unconscious than to have such unpleasant feelings. She tightly shut her eyes.
“What did you say, Caleb?” James questioned after emptying his glass of white wine. He wasn’t sure he had heard right.

Dr. Caleb rolled his eyes. He was certain that James heard all the words he had spoken. He just wanted him to repeat it. It was his way of being certain that he heard what he had said.

“This place is filthy. I want us out of it.”

James had heard him right. He had a special reason bringing them to that bar. He wasn’t going to reveal it to anyone yet. His plan must first be achieved.

“What’s going on here that you haven’t seen before? And besides, we’re gonna be here for only a few minutes. Lets just focus on what we’re here for.”

“I support Caleb,” Detective Joshua informed them. “We have to get to another place, an eatery to discuss this,” he proposed.

“We can as well got to James home,” Dr. Caleb suggested too.

James shot him a warning look. “Have you forgotten my day’s in there?”

To Be Continued..

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