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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 96

Haunted by my Past Mistake….

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 96

James slowly turned the brass handle of the old door. He didn’t mind that it was dirty, covered in dust and cobwebs. Surprisingly, the door gave way; creaking open. He maintained his pace, pushing it slowly. Soon enough, it was wide open, suitable for them to go through.

The scent that greeted him was familiar. It was strange. The whole house – parts that he’d been through smelled of dust and age. It was different here. The smell was feminine and it was hers. He looked around the room. His eyes slowly darting around it. She’d been kept here, she’d been in the room for days, but she was nowhere to be found.

His eyes caught a slender figure of a man. He was kneeling besides the window, his head bent. Who could that be? James mused, silently. Why wasn’t Abigail here? What was happening? Without much ado, he hurried off to the unknown man, yanked him to himself and held him by the throat, trying to choke him. To his utmost surprise, it was David.

“Where is Abigail?” James roared, his eyes unreadable.

David was taken aback when he felt a hand grab him roughly. He was unprepared to fight back. He let his cousin position his hands on his neck. That was what he wished for, he wanted death to take him away. He’d been so stupid, now she was never going to belong to him or his cousin. He displayed another act of stupidity by not even noticing the door creak and two people invaded his privacy; all because he had been absorbed in his thoughts. He was mourning his loss, his failure.

“Answer me!” James demanded, choking him.

David had wanted to speak. It was impossible. Very strong hands blocked the easy flow of words in him. He remained mute, bearing the pains as his punishment for being stupid.

“Let him go,” David heard another voice order. He shifted his gaze. That was the man he had met the night he cleared the room for Abigail – the Detective. He had also been fooled by him – all the more reason he wished to die.

“Let him go,” Detective Joshua instructed a second time. He held out his gun and pointed it at David.

“He can’t speak when he’s about to be strangled. And you have no right to take a life. I can handle this.” He instructed James who was furious already.

The anger burned more fiercely within James as he listened to Detective Joshua’s lecture. Resignedly, he removed his hands from David’s throat.

Detective Joshua was right. “Good thing he saved you from my wrath!” James grunted.

“I….think….. I deserved that,” David responded amidst coughing gasping for air.

“Don’t you-”

“Hold it!” Detective Joshua commanded, just in time to stop James from putting a punch on David’s mouth.

“I got this.”

“How did you find me?” David questioned, unafraid.

“You should be worried about what’s gonna happen to you and not that,” Detective Joshua replied.

David tittered, “I don’t care about that anyway. She’s gone.”



Victoria’s Dad sighed. Dealing with the new version of Victoria was of more importance to him. That was his promise to his late wife.

“I was busy before you came in. We can talk about that later,” he spoke his mind, rejecting the offer to get busy to work.


“I beg to disagree sir,” came Dr. Caleb’s voice, cutting Detective Moses off,

“It does affect me personally and I need immediate action.”

“Who are you?” Victoria’s Dad demanded. He was already irritated.

“Caleb. Doctor Caleb,” he boldly answered, smiling.

Victoria froze on hearing that name. A million and one thoughts ran across her mind. He had come to report Abigail’s case to the cops?

Does he have any evidence implicating her and David? Oh, no! Not in the presence of her Dad. He’d lose his trust, more of it in her. He’d be disappointed in her. He’d resent her, never love her or care for her. She had brought disgrace to him and she’d be all alone in the world.

“What can I do for you, Dr. Caleb?” Victoria’s Dad asked.

Caleb and Moses fully entered the room.

“This is a private investigation,” Moses informed Victoria’s Dad.

“Do you mind if you do this alone?”

Victoria’s Dad shook his head. He wasn’t gonna let Victoria out of his sight. Its time she started taking her profession seriously – just as he does.

“Nope. Let me do some introductions,” he swiftly turned Victoria to face the men. “This is my daughter, Victoria. Victoria, meet Moses, another superintendent and a man with an urgent case – Dr. Caleb.”

Victoria’s entire body quivered under the gaze of the doctor. She was short of words. Didn’t know what to say to him. She hadn’t yet cooked up a device on how to deal with him, she was facing him again. She’s faced with an unplanned visits.

She nodded mechanically, in replacement of her not-to-be-found-words.

Caleb smiled silly. “Nice to meet you, again.”

Moses had no idea what was happening.

“You two know each-other?” Victoria’s Dad sounded puzzled.

You’re gonna love how this will end. Please stay tuned.

To Be Continued…

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