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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 97

Haunted by my Past Mistake….

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 97

“Where are you taking me?” Abigail demanded for the umpteenth time. She was bundled up, riding in a red SUV in the middle of two bloody looking men.

“Let me go!” she spat out.

“Shut up!” one of the men chided. His eyes narrowed at her.

“Don’t make any more sound!”

Abigail snorted, “I demand to know! I have every right to, where are you taking me?”

“For the very last time,” he warned again. “Shut your mouth up!”

The feeling of rage burning within her was intense, it intensified as the man kept rebuking her. That, she wouldn’t take. She didn’t know them, never seen them all her life.

“Where the hell is David? Who are you people? Leave me alone!” she defied their orders outrightly. She wouldn’t be taken to a place she never knew of without a fight. For David to abduct her and put her through hell was what she could pull through. She knew what he was capable of doing and that he’d never hurt her.

Presently, she was with men she had never seen in her entire life, riding to an unknown destination. She couldn’t understand why all that was happening. Her life was suddenly upturned. James never even came for her. All her hopes were dashed. She’d depend solely on God now.

“Just give me an answer! Where are you taking me to? Where is David?”



“What do you mean ‘she’s gone?’” James retorted.

David coughed and spat out. “He double-crossed me. He betrayed me. She’s gone,” he repeated.

What was he talking about? Betrayed? By who? He was speaking in riddles. “Just get to the point,” James snarled.

“Where is she?”

David didn’t think much about it. He had no option than to open up to them. He mustn’t have Deborah. He’d do what he could to correct his mistakes. He didn’t get what he wanted. He cleared his throat,

“Jerry . He helped me. Promised to make Abigail mine. It was all a trick. He took advantage of my desperation. How much I wanted to be with her. Now, she’s on her way to Jerry. We didn’t plan it this way,” David lamented.

“She was to be with me and not him.”

James sank deeper into confusion as he listened to David’s story. He sighed. Only if he knew it’d be this difficult and confusing.

“You know where he’s taking her to?” Detective Joshua questioned.

“I do.”

“Move it! We’re going to get her.”


“James, I’m sorry,” David admitted that he was wrong. He regretted his actions. Few words had changed him. Words he never wanted to affect him. They did have very powerful effects on him.

“Don’t you think it’s too late for that?” James asserted, sarcastically.

“I know…. I know I’ve been wrong. I feel guilty, remorse for what I’ve done.”

James scoffed. “Then you must have felt it when you had her for days! Much more, even before you did all of these!”

“I love her! I felt I was doing it for love and she’ll get to love me back.”

“Screw you!” James snarled.

David exhaled. He never imagined apologising to anyone. He had never been in the wrong. He wasn’t fallible. He could do whatever he wished. He could get anything he wanted, nothing could stop him. That was how he was taught – by his mother. He had lived that way; always getting what he wanted till he met Deborah. Now he realized his mother was wrong.

Getting what you wanted always doesn’t bring real happiness. Letting go and making others happy actually brought real peace of mind. A doctor made him understand that and he was going to right his wrongs.

“Are you going to at least listen to me?”

Detective Joshua sighed. This was a family issue – meant for them only. He wasn’t gonna interfere. They both deserved to voice out their feelings and make decisions.

“Yeah, I’d wanna listen to a whole lot of crap,” James spat out. Apologies and all that bullshit were the last things he wanted to hear. He only wanted his demon of a cousin to bring back his Abigail safe, without any scratch. Maybe after that he’d give a thought to what he was saying.


“Um, yeah,” Dr. Caleb answered still smiling. He knew Victoria would expect him to spill the bean. But he was too smart for that. He was going to take everything slow and steadily.

“We’ve ran into each other a couple of times when James was hospitalized,” Dr. Caleb said, giving Victoria some advantage.

Victoria heaved a sigh of relief. She was relieved he kept his mouth shut. How was she sure he’d had other plans, waiting to be unraveled. She waved such thoughts aside. Feeling fagged out, she wanted to leave, get home, shower and sleep.

To Be Continued…

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