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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 98

Haunted by my Past Mistake….

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 98

“I’m leaving now. Bye Dad.” Victoria said and found her way out of her dad’s office.

“Victoria,” Her dad called to her retreating figure. He sighed sadly as she did not respond to his call. It was really devastating. He shook his head, he must work now, then get home to his daughter. He hoped she’d not do anything stupid to herself.

“So, lets hear your case. We have enough privacy already.”

Moses was the first to speak. “Its a kidnap case. For some reasons, it was hidden and now it has to come to light.”

“Hidden? I don’t understand you.” He turned to Caleb, “Why was it hidden?”

“So many reasons,” Moses answered, regardless of the fact that he was not spoken to.

“It was the best option.”

A frown creased on Victoria Dad’s face. What sort of stupid explanation was he gonna listen to? “I’m getting impatient.”

“We have all evidence, sir. I knew about it all,” Moses answered.

“Show them to me,” he demanded.

As Moses reached out to hand the evidence to him, Dr. Caleb said, “Take a deep breath, sir. What you’re about to see might shock you.”

His hands steadied for a while. He shot Moses a questioning look.

“We’ve got a whole lot of explanations to do.”

“I’m listening.”
Abigail was led into a dynamic mansion. Everything she saw reeked of wealth and power. The black gigantic gates, the inter-locked ground, streams of the latest vehicles parked chronologically, a tennis lawn, a swimming pool……. she snorted. They weren’t new to her. Her father could afford more of what stared at her.

The big question still crossed her mind – what was she doing there? Was this another of David’s plot? Or was it James who had done it? He actually had her at heart? She couldn’t help but wonder, James was stinkingly rich and so was David. The more she pondered over it, the more perplexed she became. She heaved a weary sigh. Following their orders could provide the answers she needed. They were even too strong for her – the men. She resigned to doing so.

As the door to the mansion opened, she was greeted by five young maids, in their uniforms, ready to receive her. They took her from the bloody looking men, leading her to a room. She got confused. Where to now? She didn’t give protesting a single thought, it wouldn’t save her.
James exhaled, looking out the window. Silence filled the moving vehicle. The silence was only broken when David gave further directions to the place Abigail was taken and after that, they relapsed to silence. He was glad it was that way. Hearing David speak to him was repulsive. It only ignited the feeling of anger and hatred he felt for him.

Keeping his mouth shut was good for them. Something else was of importance to him. He needed to get to her, to see her. He wished she was okay and that it wouldn’t be impossible to help her out by the time they find her.

“I wanna call Dr. Caleb,” he said to Detective Joshua. “I need to know the situation over there.”

“Go on,” Detective Joshua replied absent-minded. His thoughts were far away. He hoped they wouldn’t fail, he wouldn’t fail his friends.

“Caleb,” James breathed out when the phone was answered.

“What’s up?”

“Its not that easy,” Caleb drawled in a disappointed tone.

That response made James heart lurch,

“What’s happening? It should be easy.”

“It happens that the cop to help us out turns out to be Victoria’s dad. We’re trying to convince the old man to be on our side.”

James sighed, “That’s one hell of a job.”

“We’re working on it. Will get back to you when we’re ready.”
“What do you want with me? Why bring me here? Who are you all?” Abigail asked the maids when they were finally locked up in a room – a very beautiful one at that. But her mind wasn’t settled. She had to know.

None of them agreed to speak up. They just looked at her and exchanged glances among themselves. It looked as if they communicated with their eyes, reading each other’s minds. And they tried reading hers. They had no idea if they were to carry out their duty or not.

“Please,” Abigail insisted. “I don”t know what I’m doing here. Make me feel comfortable.”

A sigh came from one of the maid, probably the oldest. “We just want to dress you up. The boss gave us that order.”

“Who is your boss?” Abigail questioned, her hope lighting up, “Who wants me dressed up?”

“Please, ma’am. We don’t want to get to trouble. Let’s do our jobs.”

Abigail frowned. Who is the boss? Could it be James? Musing wouldn’t get her anywhere.

Curious to know who this person is? 

Hang on till the next episode.

To Be Continued…

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