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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 76

Haunted by my Past Mistake…..

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 76

“Wisely said.” Detective Joshua studied his friend intently. “What’s up with you James? You have really changed. You actually never cared about women in the past or how they felt about you. Presently, you are even willing to risk your life for this one women. The one woman who made you take no from a lady. Has she enchanted you? Got you under her spell?”

James laughed. “What I feel for her just keeps growing as the day passes by. I can’t keep missing her. I want to see her a and know if the intense feelings will disappear.”

“Oh. And that’s when you’ll fall deeper into her charms.”

“I don’t know what to call it yet. I’ve never felt this way in my life.”

“Afraid to call it love? Afraid to love her? She has broken into pieces, the walls you built round your heart.”

James nodded solemnly. “Maybe.”
“Excuse me, miss,” Dr. Caleb said to a lady snooping around the hospital for hours now,

“How may we help you?”

The lady causing so much trouble spun around to face the owner of the familiar voice that had just spoken to her. She was ready to vent all her anger on him.

“I am looking for a patient. He was admitted here two days ago. I need to see him!” she demanded.

Dr. Caleb was shocked knowing it was Victoria that had been causing all the ruckus that morning. The previous day, she had said she’d come back. She really meant it?

“Calm down, Miss Victoria. Who exactly are you looking for?” Dr. Caleb was wearing a cool smile, knowing that would provoke her further.

“You know who it is I am searching for,” she snapped. “Its James!”

“Oh,” Dr. Caleb said still smiling. “He was discharged this morning. He recovered quickly and his memory is back. Isn’t that a relief?”

He knew what he was doing. He was deliberately irritating her with his calm words and smile. He was having his way, Victoria was already filled with anger, she was so mad at this damn doctor! She so much wanted to smack that smile off his face.

“What do you mean discharged? How is it possible he got his memory back so fast?” she rhetorically asked. “Maybe I should call a more qualified doctor to handle his case since you’ve proven that you’re incapable of handling it.” She was going to get back at him.

“Do you mind following me to my office to see for yourself the file that shows his recovery? He confided in me that he remembers everything.”

James. James. She didn’t know what to feel for him anymore – love or hate. “Why wasn’t I informed?”

“I’m sorry? Are you one of his relatives? Friends?”

“Idiot!” she spat at him, “I am his wife-to-be! Show some respect!” Yes, she deserved respect, respect from James so-called doctor.

Dr. Caleb tried gulping down his laughter. He used his right palm to cover his mouth and her chuckled silently. He withheld himself strongly. This lady was amusing, she’s really crazy, parading herself as the fiancée of his good friend. Now he understood why James was tired of her.

“If you’re truly his fiancée, you should have been the first to know.” His palm was out of his mouth.

Victoria rolled her eyes, “He’ll definitely call me later.”

“I understand his girlfriend to be Abigail. The woman of his dreams,” Dr. Caleb never stopped smiling innocently. “She’s his only wife-to-be.”

Victoria was goaded to the point that she flung her right hand to give the doctor a slap.

Dr. Caleb was fast enough, he caught her hand right before it got to his face.

“I don’t take it easy with women who hit me. Neither am I good friends with women who pry into people’s lives. You don’t want to be my enemy.” Dr. Caleb’s gaze was murderous, that smile had slowly turned into a frown.

“Let me go!” Victoria ordered, almost on top of her voice. She wasn’t going to be intimidated and insulted by this jerk of a doctor. She had to deal with him. She tried to get her hand from his grasp, but it wasn’t working. His grip was deadly. “Let go!”

“I understand she was recently kidnapped by you and a brat. I’m watching you. Abigail’s watching you too. You won’t get away. Especially you.” He dropped her hand and walked out on her. Smiling to himself for putting fear into her. It was a good job. They’d be so proud of him.

Victoria stiffened, watching the doctor leave her alone. Blood drained from her body. She was indecisive at that moment. Terrified and much more confused.


To Be Continued…

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