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Mercy Said No!

Mercy Said No

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Episode 1

Lucy Edwards woke to the sound of the alarm clock by her bedside drawer. She knew without opening her eyes what time it was. It was exercise time! Crawling out of bed, she got into her sports gear, picked up her keys and shut the door to her flat behind her. Now outside she debated what direction she should begin from knowing she had to catch up with her jogging partner, pretty soon. Oh! Today was Monday, she realized she had the days mixed up, tomorrow was when she jogged with Logan.

He wasn’t a dedicated runner like herself but he tried to keep fit by jogging now and then, and often those days changed weekly. Wide awake now having no choice, as the September wind teased her face, she wasn’t really bothered about it this morning because she had a lot on her mind.

She wanted a man who had the guts to pursue and woo her as his and she didn’t if he wasn’t too perfect. No! That was fine by her, because it meant she could work on those challenging areas in him and turn him into an amazing husband for the entire world to admire. She needed someone who was different from her, but not so different that they had to work through their mountains of differences to find each other. She knew her expectations were strange, but growing up in this part of the world had given her a different perspective on love and marriage.

Love was everywhere, but true love yes! Now that was very difficult to find, and it couldn’t be found in poems, and love songs, neither could it be found in pubs and cinemas. She knew when she was younger; most girls her age had wanted that so called mystery that love presented in the dark haired stranger and tempting questionable ‘romantic’ situations that presented themselves everywhere.

Her father died when she was young, she and mother had to be strong together to make it through each day that God gave them the grace for. She needed so much from God, her dreams were in His hands, and she couldn’t afford a distraction, for just some lousy few minutes with some guy, just because he claimed he loved her! For all these reasons and more she avoided relationships like a plague. She wanted marriage and companionship simple! and it wasn’t as if she didn’t want to be loved, no! She wanted to be loved but on her own terms, which was what she’d been brought up to understand, love her mother often said would come in time!

Now she was ready, at 25 she had her own business to manage, and though it was still small, she believed that Jehovah would make it more successful someday. She was ready to move on to the next phase of her life as the months flew by in the later part of the year. Her pastor, Ibi had prophesied that this new month, for those who had faith, they would encounter their lifetime partners. Amen! to that, she’d claimed passionately, and now she was truly expectant.

Matt smiled to himself while jogging a few meters away from Lucy. He had planned this moment to the latter and there was no way, this week was going to end without firmly imprinting a good impression of himself on Lucy’s mind. He’d watched, waited and asked questions about her discretely, he found out she was single and ready for a serious commitment, ‘that could be arranged’ he told himself.

This was the woman he wanted and he was to going to have her, she was already his anyways as far as he was concerned it was only a matter of time. Armed with all the details about her he’d come up with, he came to the realization that the only thing that would help keep him apart from every other man was if he offered more, if he gave her something she truly wanted; a Marriage Proposal.

He remembered the first time he’d first laid eyes on Lucy, she had been leading the worship in church on Sunday, his heart had melted at the angelic sounds that came out of her, for that reason alone he suspected he’d fallen in love with the song she sang that day. ‘I have loved you with an everlasting love and I have drawn you with my loving kindness’, watching her sing he felt connected and drawn to her, gliding through every note with her, he’d felt the deep meanings the song projected, it truly was a lovely special song and he’ sensed that it meant so much more to her.

He’d heard her pass comments about her childhood, more like sharing her testimony whenever she lead the exhortation during the bible study during the week or sometimes before she led the worship, to encourage believers to hold on to God. As for him, he too was an only child but instead brought up by strong catholic parents, he’d rebelled back in his teenage years, he’d been drawn to booze, women, parties and everything young men did just for trips until he came to a point where he began to feel empty and ashamed but God had taken him back with open arms, showered him with love, compassion and everything good thing in between and although he felt and knew that he still wasn’t the perfect son yet he knew he was still special to God.

And Lucy was the woman for him, she had that Christian wife attitude about her, and although he was surrounded by beautiful women all the time, and maybe attracted to a few, like Beth from work, he knew what he wanted and Lucy had it all. She was business minded, intelligent, reserved, witty and God fearing and for the kind of heights he was aiming for spiritually he needed a woman who would help him grow. His parents always told him, ‘good things come to those who wait’, but he strongly disagreed, ‘good things came to those who walked towards it’. Just like ‘heaven doesn’t just help those who help themselves, but those who correctly aligned themselves to be helped’ at least that was how he chose to interpret it.

This was his week, if he missed this window of opportunity, he might not get a chance to capture her attention again, he knew he wasn’t the only guy who wanted a chance, he knew he wasn’t the only guy who was interested in Lucy but he was willing to take an extra step and go the extra mile. Shivering in the cold weather, he wondered how anyone in their right senses could ever endure been out in this weather every day. Shaking his head he jogged up to meet up with her, he’d heard she loved challenges well here was one at her feet. Matthew Peters!

Hi Lucy? He began jogging into step with her.

Startled from her meditation, Lucy turned to the guy jogging next to her and instantly recognized him; he was a familiar face in church. But determined to play it cool, she looked at him askance.

Hello, she replied tilting her head, her face read ‘do I know you?’

Understanding what she meant, Matt replied. I know you from church, you sing in the choir right!

Nodding she answered; Yes I do.

You have such an angelic voice; you know I just love it when you lead worship. I feel like God’s presence really comes down mightily, especially when you sing that love song, the one by Tom Brooks. Actually you made me like that song, it’s so deep.

Now he had her attention, music was a favorite subject for her. Yeah! She replied, it means a lot to me. Switching to a neutral subject,

Are you into jogging? She asked.

No! Are you kidding, why would I put myself through these cold degrees of weather, just because I wanted to be fit. I consider exercise to be torture that’s why I watch what I eat, I do go as far as a few pushups and crunches but that’s my limit. He said holding up his hands. He was choosing his words very carefully; making sure each word struck a chord within her.

Laughing she asked so what are you doing out here then?

Ha! Ha! He replied I’m here to ask you out to dinner tonight. don’t get me wrong, I’m freezing right now but I’m determined to follow you every morning this year, until you give me the right answer because you are worth it.

Laughing more Lucy could not believe her ears, he was going through just for dinner and she told him so.

He replied No! You are getting it wrong, I know you get dinner invitations all the time, so that’s not the reason I’m here. See, I’m a different guy and I’ve got something much better to offer, he stated confidently.

Besides I have come to believe that you are quiet and open minded enough to spend a few minutes of your time with me and listen to what I have to say, hence the dinner offer. He said smiling.

Bewildered yet intrigued, Lucy went quiet, mulling over his words. She normally would have told him no, but this was a month for issues of the heart but on the other hand this was unusual of her she felt odd about it but still she was impressed at the lengths he’d gone, making a decision, she told him her answer.

I hope you like Pizza. He asked excitedly secretly aware that she didn’t but she loved a challenge and he was presenting her one. He in true form no presences!!!

What! Lucy cringed inside Pizza! Aloud she said, well it’s not my cup of tea but I can always give it another try. She answered shrugging her shoulders.

Matt was not at all surprised by her answer and was really impressed with himself with the direction things had gone in just a few minutes! He asked her for her home address then gave her the time he would pick her up, he thanked her then turned around and jogged back to his car, looking forward to its welcoming warmth.

Later that day, Matt picked her up and they went to a Pizza Hut restaurant, dinner was great especially as they’d hit it off instantly earlier. The combined softness of Lucy’s nature and the rough diamond texture of Matt’s gave the relationship the right appeal for her and when three months later, a few days after Christmas, Matt proposed, she said yes immediately.

To Be Continued…..


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