Story: The Test Of Faith …Episode 1 (By Faith H. Collins)

The Test Of Faith

Test of Faith

Episode 1: Trust In Him

Psalm 28:7


“The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song.”


I watched as my precious city drifted away,


I can’t believe I’m leaving why did I have to leave? Lord why? There are so many memories, friends, and precious things, that were located here, I stared at my window as the highway came into view.


My life is fading away and although God was on my side I felt weak, staring at the window has made my spirit ache, I got out my iPhone and placed my headphones in my ears.


As I hummed along to my favourite gospel song I felt stronger, and for some unknown reason I felt the presence of the Lord “God help me” I cried out to the Lord. I looked at my mom in the front seat silently snoring I looked at my dad who was listening to music using his headphones NOBODY heard me. My friends are gone, my boyfriend is gone, I missed them while they were in wonderful Canada, I’m in dreadful America.


God promises everything to be ok…Is he lying?


Does God just say these things to make us feel better? I shook my thoughts away. I can’t think like that of course, because my dad is a preacher and my mom is the world’s most religious mother, my thoughts got interrupted by a text alert.


It was from my boyfriend Tristan:


“Hey baby miss you already, the city won’t be the same without you”


I smiled at his sweetness, I texted back:


“Miss you too, wish you were here holding me” I blushed at the thought of my loving boyfriend holding me tightly in his strong arms.


I put my phone away and then I came to only possible conclusion, although my best friend Cathie wasn’t here and Tristan wasn’t with me, God was. When everybody else has drifted away from my life there was God, right in front of my eyes telling me everything was going to be okay, and at the moment I knew that I had to trust in him. I slowly fell asleep knowing that God has my back.


“Honey, honey, honey HONEY ANGEL ANGEL” I opened my eyes, I saw my mother looking at me sternly “come on sleeping beauty were here” I grumbled not wanting to see the house my mother and father had bought. I stepped out of my S.U.V and stared at my new house, my parents began to unload the moving truck and I still stared at my house .


Why was this house so amazing?


It’s really hard to be mad at my parents when they bought an amazing house?


The house was a 3 story house (including the basement), now my parents weren’t rich but the house resembled something a rich person would buy.


This had about 3 parts; the part that I was staring at was what I was assuming where we would spend most of our time as a family.


The two other parts resembled two small houses, “honey you’re going to catch flies” my mother laughed and handed me a box that said “Angel’s biblical items”, I laughed at the name of the box “biblical items” I bet my dad wrote that. I walked in and almost dropped my box, the house was a lot smaller than expected but I guess I have to call it home.


I walked up the long spiraling staircase, I will forever be in awe, I finally reached the top of the stares to find my room.


I looked down the long hallway there was three rooms two and the end and 1 right in the middle.


I found it odd that it was right in the middle, never the less I walked to the first room on the right, my parents had already chosen this room, it was medium-sized but it was big enough to have my dad’s big holy spirit. This means that I was only able to choose from two rooms, I went to the one in the middle.


This room was HUGE, it had a small closet, with no windows that was not going to work for me I need a big space to fit all my things, I went to the last room and smiled to myself.


The room was white, it wasn’t big but it wasn’t very small either, it had two big windows and a walk in closet “praise Jesus” I said out loud happy with myself.


Eventually my major things were put away, my queen sized bed was in the middle of my room underneath a huge window that over looked Florida, my prayer table was to the right of my bed so I was able to see it each morning.


Everything was ready except my clothes, I spent a couple of hours putting away all my clothes, after those hours I was seriously considering giving my clothes away, I looked at my watch the blinking red letters said 9:30. I change into my night clothes, and prayed to God.


“Lord help me make lots of friends like I had in St.Lucia , please let me be popular to and keep Cathie and Tristan safe” crawling into the covers I thought about my new high school “well it can’t be that bad I’m going into grade 10 people are going to be very mature”. I fell asleep happy.


Psalm 91:2 “I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.”


It Continues… Please stay tuned!


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Author: Faith H. Collins

Faith H. Collins

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