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Anger- How to control it

Sometimes people make you angry with the things that they do. Sometimes you feel stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. The worst is when you have to please two separate parties and if you take an action, its in favour of the first party and going against the second party and vice versa, you get confused and you’re wondering how you’d cope with having to satisfy both.

Even when you have good motives for both, you tend to get very confused sometimes because all you’re trying to do is help and your pride is hurt. In times like this you have to employ the patience and self control of the Holy Spirit because He’s the only one who can stop us from hurting ourselves and others through anger and such situations. You just have to try and tolerate people and explain yourself more so people will understand your views.

Our bible tells us not to let the sun go down on our anger because it is a sin. We should learn to forgive and let go of offences that people commit against us. Patience, self control and adherence to the the Holy Spirit will guide us out of such problems. Shalom!

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