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My Daughter, now you will stop bearing my name. You will be happily married to the man you love. Don’t miss me because I have fulfilled my purpose, it is now time for you to start fulfilling yours.

From your childhood, I have raised you well by the grace of God but before you say “I Do”, there are few things I need to tell you about living with a man and being married…

Do you remember when you wrote your WAEC and JAMB exams? You came to me and I gave you N20,000 for the registration? Well, even though I gave it to you, the money was not mine. I know you always thought I paid the fees. The truth is, I was broke that period…but your mother gave me the money. She could have given it to you but she decided to give it to me to give to you. That is the right thing.

Support your husband. Some times things may get tough; not only money, it could be in any other area. He will be frustrated. Even though he acts tough, in his mind he has fears… he fear you may not value him anymore because he has a temporary set back on some issues.

That is the time to get behind him and support him. The best way to show your husband you love him is to respect him! You may argue with him, you may disagree but at the end of the day, let him know he has your respect.

Do you remember the day I screamed at your mother? What did she do? She was quiet! My daughter learn to be quiet sometimes when your husband is angry. When one person is hot, the other should be cool. If you claim right with your husband, small issues can become very big and destroy your marriage.

The first thing to know about your husband is his favourite food! If he has more than one then keep them at the back of your mind. Dont let him ask for it, sometimes prepare it for him to surprise him.

There was a day your mum saw me touching a woman’s hand affectionately. I was lust after that woman but I was not having an affair with her. When she saw us… she didn’t fight the lady, she quietly left. I was afraid of going home because all hell may break lose. But when I got home she said nothing. She served me my food. Guilt was taking control over me. I had to tell your mum the truth that she is just a friend and nothing more. I stopped seeing that woman.

Who knows? If she had fought and threatened me… maybe I could have run away from my wife’s troubles and landed into the arms of the lady, and that would be the end of our marriage.

Sometimes Silent brings better solution than fight. Forget those romantic novels you read while you were 21. Remember those Indian and American love movies? Also remember those too sweet Nollywood films on African magic? Forget them! Don’t expect your married life to be that way. Life is different from fiction.

The last thing I want to tell you…

Do you know how you were born? After our wedding, things were tough and your mum had to do some jobs to support us. I was working as well. I get home 6PM while she gets home tired. But when we get to bed… she will not refuse me my “night food”. That is how you were born.

Never allow anything to get into your head to the extent of denying your husband of his “night food”.

Be a good wife, be prayerful… forget flashy things of life no matter how much they attract you. Open up to your husband that you will have those flashy things when he is comfortable to buy them for the family. Be true to your husband and you will realize that you married the best man on earth.

This is the plain truth… I wish you all the best and a happy married life!


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