Being Determined; What you need to watchout for!

Determination is one thing that opens a lot of closed doors and push you to bringing the extinct into being.


» When you see a determined man, you see a great man,
» When you see a determined man, you see a disciplined man.

So many great minds we hear their names all over the world today made that determination sometime ago.

I have always said that naturally, your body will not want to be kept under any inconveniences but when you are determined to go beyond the limit, nothing will draw you back.

Some are greatly determined to be great in life but the determination ends up not being fruitful.

There is a difference between making a determination and making a successful determination.

An ordinary determination might end up not productive.

I don’t know if for once you have tried to stop something but still find yourself doing it. That is an ordinary determination.

If you must make a successful determination, you must regulate your body with it. Your mind must be glued to making it a reality.

This days “things are easier said than done ”

If you must make a successful determination, you must be ready to give what it takes.

Below are the Great Elements To Consider In This Process

1] Put into writing what you stand to loose if you fail to carry on your determination.

2] Put into writing what you stand to gain if you hold on to your determination.

3] Know that you own your life and any damage you cause yourself will be effected on you alone.

4] Know that if you don’t make it up where you need to get to,you will be affecting some lives because take it or leave it, some lives depends on yours to get up.

Be Decisive

Making a good determination requires you to be decisive. You must be able to take. Decisions on your own. Don’t turn your self to a die or a toy that uses remote. Go for what you want if it will positively affect you.

Say No !

If you will uphold your determination then you must learn to say no. You must not be everywhere. If you are saying bye bye to sodom then let it be.

• Be vigilant

Never be caught unaware. Always be at alert, anytime you see something is not working right, take a walk. If you know its what will bring you back to your vomit, FLEE!

• Cut The Relationship

Some relationship can never help you grow positively. Must not necessarily be a love affair. Even your same sex friend, if they are not willing to change then cut it; quit with them. If  you get stocked latter, they will definitely leave you hanging.

It might be relationship with your smart phone.

You need to know that when you fight to overcome the problem of today,you are paving a way for tomorrows success.


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