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Don’t Give up Yet

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Sometimes you go through so much stress that you think you just can’t do it anymore. You go through so much hassle to get through ‎and there’s something that the devil is using to get in the way.  Even at that time, you feel like you won’t take it anymore and decide to quit but that still small voice tells you to just keep going.

You did nothing wrong and you’re wondering what you could have done to deserve this. You badly wish that this cup is taken away from you because you have suffered enough. As a teenager, you are tired of asking for pocket money and feeling uncomfortable because you have to manage what you have so you won’t be stranded. It feels like there’s no hope anymore and this is the end of road. I have one thing to tell you, pick up that little courage that you have left in you and get going without letting anyone stop you. God brought you there and will not abandon you so you must not back down. Pray the devil out of the way and let him know he’s not welcome in your affairs.

Finally be strong in faith. Your faith should never waiver because if it does, it would be hard for you to trust God and you’ll tend to believe what the devil has to say.

Stay blessed.

Author: Oduniyi Olajide David

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