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[Music] God Can by Chinyere (Former Project Fame Finalist)


Chinyere was a finalist at Project Fame few years back, one of West Africa’s Biggest Talent Hunt Reality TV shows. Chinyere expresses herself well enough and her biggest asset is her vocal prowess.

Away from the success of ‘Imarama’ released in 2014, the amazing singer has released ‘GOD CAN’ a brand new inspiring single to announce her graduation from the University of Benin as a Linguist. ”GOD CAN” is Chinyere’s way of expressing her gratitude to God for His unfailing love and promises. She assures her fans that God can do anything, anytime for anybody. The song is produced by the prolific Johnny Drille.

Lyrics of the song ‘God Can’

God can do anything, anything, anything
God can do anything for you.

God will do everything, everything
He has promised to do ‎everything for you

Who can tell the mountains,
who can tell the valleys,
who can tell the rivers to be still, forever be still!

Who can tell the blind man,
who can tell the leper,
who can tell the mad man to be healed, forever be healed!

There is nothing impossible for the Lord, the rock of salvation!
He is always reliable anytime in all situation

He can do anything
Resp- huuuuuuuuuu uuuh
He can do anything 2*
My God can do.

Back to chorus (God can do anything….)

Many years have come and gone,
Many years is still to come
Wipe your tears forget your fears for the lord is still on the throne
Lift your voice and lift hands,
Lift your hearts beyond the sky,
Put your trust in Jehovah he can do exceedingly good.

There is nothing impossible for the lord the God of salvation,
He is always reliable anytime in all situation,
He can do anything3*
My God can do

Back to chorus (God can do anything…)

Bridge –
(lift your voice and sing)
He ‘s promised to do


God can do anything, anything, anything
God can do anything for you.

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