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Hear my Story…….Episode 19


Hear my story

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Episode 19

……..Concluding part.
Bode came back from Lagos on saturday. He passed two nights in our house. He was so surprised at how he was warmly received by my parents n siblings. He really didn’t give me the details, but I knew he gave Pastor the full gist. With time, my dad became a loving dad to Bode. They were always talking of each other.

Bode’s 21st birthday met him in Lagos, and according to him, my family marked it for him in a little way, which he really
appreciated. He proposed to me, but I turned it down immediately. Not because I didn’t have feelings for him, but because of the age difference.

When i told mummy about it, her reply surprised me.”Go and
pray about it my dear. Whatever God asks you to do, do it..but
about d issue of age difference, it has no meaning.”
“But….Ma, even if God comes down to tell me to marry him, i don’t think i can. How can i marry someone I’m 4 years older than?.He’s just 21 and I’m 25.”

She laughed and said “Is there anywhere it is written in the bible that husband must be older than his wife?.The bible only says that wives should be submissive to their own husbands, and as a result of that, we  have programmed it in our minds that the only person we could be submissive to, must be someone older than us. For your information, I’m 3 years older than my husband. If i didn’t tell you now, how would you know?.Go and pray my dear, and let God’s will be done”.

I prayed and didn’t have any restriction in my spirit. I told my Pastor about it and they prayed for us. My parents also agreed with the union and we got married at Ikeja Registry in December, after which we went for marriage blessings at my parents’ church.
I had a bouncing baby boy on d 17th of January, named Oluwadarasimi (Meaning God is good to me). I decided to
stay with d Williams until i had d baby.

When Bode graduated from school, my dad connected him with one of his friends who employed him in his company. With time, he became the manager of d company, and we’ve been doing fine since then.

We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary last December, and up till now, I’m still trusting God for another baby.
Sometimes in my thought, i would imagine what would have happened if i had aborted Darasimi’s pregnancy.
I would have thought i couldn’t have another child due to the abortion. I would never recover from the guilt.

Also, I would have remained barren up till now, not having
any child at all.
I would have been a hindrance to Bode’s destiny.
Lastly, i would have attracted the wrath of God upon myself
in a big way.
Looking at Darasimi, who is Bode’s carbon copy, he has the gift of singing and playing instruments. He had been composing his own songs since age 5, there’s no sentence he can’t bring out a song from, just say it, and he would turn it to a song. And by now, he’s becoming a Guru in playing keyboard.

I have no doubt God will still bless me with more children, He
had assured me of that, and i know He would never fail.

My brethren, please let us learn from this story.It doesn’t matter
how tough what you are going through is, one day an end shall
come to it.
Even if you have missed it in life, there’s still Somebody you can
turn to, He Is The Way, The Truth and The Life. He will
surely show you the way out if you allow Him to lead you. Never cover your sin with another sin. If you do, you are only sitting on a time bomb, it will explode sooner than expected.

Remain blessed.


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22 thoughts on “Hear my Story…….Episode 19

  1. This is great and inspiring !!!! a great lesson to me that thinks I stand least I fall . may God bless you beloved

  2. Indeed, our God is always with His elects, this is more or less a story that all believers should be longing for. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. so captivating, inspiring and motivating.
    whenever one fall such a person should be able to retrace his/her step back to the firm foundation or else….

  4. hmmm
    this has really shown me the reason I always fell because I usually think I am so firm that I cannot fall but thank God for his mercies through this story.
    God bless you for writing this story.

  5. Pls Can I Copy This Story To My Facebook Page? I Really Enjoyed It, And I Wuld Like To Share It Wit My Followers

  6. Well God is always good and he always have the perfect plans for his children. Keep up the good work and remain bless! Thumbs up

  7. Thanks goodness i came accross this site yesterday. I have being searching for this kind where christian stories could be read and souls lifted up really i am bless. Thanks alot. More grace

  8. am richly blessed by this, it made me shade tears, and it affect me so much. kudos to u…,…. u are great… I need more.

    1. Hi Janet. Am really marveled hearing that. May God’s name be praised!
      Thanks so much for the compliments, i really appreciate.

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