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Love and Sex: Two Different Ball Game Entirely!

A TRUE FACT about man is that Man has an instinct to love and have sex whenever he’s matured for it. But most people of this age often have wrong premonition for these two ‘important’ concepts: LOVE & SEX in life.

Naturally, these two starts with natural feelings which eventually gravitate into actions. How we channel these feelings determines the aftermath of our actions. However, when you use them
against their normal purpose we will suffer the
consequences.(That is just the Pure Truth!)
There are so many doctrines and Godly principle guiding the practice of love and sex which has either made or mar people’s destiny.
Whether you agree or not, God created these feelings in
you and He alone defines how best you can use or express
it. However, before you can express it, He modeled the
pattern of love for us and guide us as to the use of sex.

The followings are an in-dept exposition you do not know about love and sex which i want to open your eyes to:

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1. To love is a decision while having sex is a sacred act
God decided to make man in His image. That decision by God was not influenced by worldly riches, lust, conditions but that man should be able to dominate and subdue.

He did not ‘feel’ like creating man in His image but He deliberately made that decision.
However, God created sex so that man would produce
Godlike offspring, hence it became sacred, not just a
‘cheap’ act or something that can be done anytime or
anyhow. (Note that!)
Falling in love should be a decision that is not influenced
by feelings, infatuation, pressure from the opposite sex or peers or material benefits.
Anyone whose love cannot make you a better person
should never get close to your heart. God wanted the best
for man. So love must seek the good of the other party.
Sex, on the other hand is sacred activity created by God for mankind. It deserves to be used with respect not on the platform of immoralities or ‘experiment’. It really marvels me hearing a man tell a woman to prove his genuine love to him by having sex with each other, huh! The sacredness of sex is that God made it to be used between a man and his wife, not with multiple partners or persons .

2. Love can be shared and expressed but sex is for mutual intimacy.
Sex is to be reserved for the person who deserves your heart, life and worth (Note those 3 Things), not just the person that wants to see what’s in between your legs. Intimacy should be done with someone of like purpose, compatibility or someone that values your life. A dog does not mate a sheep. Not
everyone that comes into your life deserves your body but
only one special person.
However, love is to be shared among people who are unmarried and expressed as an art of lovemaking by the
married (Get the Difference). Love your neighbours as yourself. Love does not hurt but lust does. Love is not evil or sensual but it is patient and enduring. Anything apart from showing care, concern, commitment or sacrifice will hurt you and it is not love but lust. Love and sex are two divisible entity in friendship but becomes indivisible in marriage.

3. Sex is to be enjoyed by the married while love makes life  enjoyable
Many people don’t want to hear the first part. They call it crap or religious jargon. Would you call the effect of premarital and
extra-marital sex a crap? Marital sex does not lead to abortion, unwanted pregnancy, guilt, evil soul ties or emotional trauma as much as other forms do. This is ONE of the many reasons why sex is for the married.
Life cannot be with a meaning or enjoyed if you don’t love what you are doing or who you are in a relationship with. Many people are only enduring their job, business or career because they do not find satisfaction in it.One majo thing about life is that you need to do what you love or love what you do rather than do what you don’t love. The same applies to relationship. Love them but don’t lust. Be committed but don’t caress. Do your best to help them and don’t reduce their worth or value.

4. The urge for sex can be Subdued while the feelings of love can be controlled
We all have a functioning hormones and it’s normal that
they secrete some chemical substances into our glands.
Sexual urges are normal but abnormal when you follow
the dictates of the urge. When the urge for sex comes, it is
important to consider the consequences first rather than to give in if you know you have a future ahead of you.
Love sometimes start with a feeling but its unwise to act on
those feelings. Feelings come into play when you share an
intimate relationship with someone you like. Doing things
together or meeting at the same venue for a long period of
time if its not controlled could generate an affection. With
time, fondness would develop and may also lead into an
irresistible feelings of lust. When this happens, it is best to
give yourself a break so as to reconsider the genuineness
of that feelings before you make any decision.

5. You can love without having sex and you can have
sex without love
Many people who are shallow in their thinking usually believe
that it is impossible to love a person without demanding
sex from them. It is very possible, get that right! Some even believe that they need to taste what they want to ‘eat’. What a shallow mentality! It takes self-control and the fear of God to
achieve sexual purity in a relationship. There are many
people out there who would never bow to the god of
sexual immoralities. It is not old-fashioned to have a
relationship without sex. It is only ignorance and societal
belief that makes it a trend. Do not think it is impossible.
Your ability to control your urge and the fear of God would
make you achieve this.
The fact that you have sex with a man/lady does not
implies the fact that he/she loves you. Once he/she is
satisfied with you, there’s every tendency that they move
on. This is why sex does not make a man/lady committed
to a relationship. It is only love that truly binds.
Now that you know the things you never knew, endeavor to
define your relationship not by what people says or how its
been done in the society. Let God’s Word define the way
you should relate with one another in your relationship. To
love a person is to be made out of a careful decision and
sex should only be used for intimacy amongst married

Don’t Forget to Share. GOD BLESS!!!





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