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Courtship: Some Things you need to know!

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A very interesting story is found in the book of Genesis 24. It is the story of the marriage of Rebekah to Isaac through a prayer the servant of Abraham made to the GOD of his master. A little wonder this faithful servant’s name was not mentioned.

Worthy of mention is the way he wooed Rebekah. The scripture mentioned that after he was certain that God had answered his prayer, he gave Rebekah a golden earring and two bracelets. First, she through the help and mandate of God had passed the first stage of the interview. She was very fair (beautiful),a virgin, godly, resourceful and helpful, well trained and a virtuous woman.

She ran and told her mother the events of the day and her brother after seeing the gifts on his sister ran out to bring this stranger who had adorned his sister with beautiful gold gifts home.

The whole family was involved in sending Rebekah out to her new home after she gave her answer that she was willing and ready to go with the servant to her husband (whom she had not even seen). And I make bold to say that through the gifts the servant gave to the family, he proved that the lady will be well taken care of and that the family of the lady would not be ignored nor neglected.

Today, in our own dispensation, what does our personal cv carry to qualify us for marriage? Rebekah had her qualities that made her stand out. What is your own quality as a lady/woman?

The men in our time today seem to be selfish to themselves talk more of to the lady they want to marry. I am not saying they should spend all their fortune on wooing a lady neither am I saying that a woman should be blinded and carried away by gifts from a man. A fact still remains that however your courtship starts and grows into marriage will be improved upon in marriage. If your fiance was sensitive to you during courtship, respected you during courtship, supported you during courtship, provided for you during courtship,was faithful to you during courtship and extended the respect, care and love to your family, you will surly get a double doze in marriage especially if he is godly,respectful,real and purposeful.

courthship- gospelbreed.comOn the other hand, if the young man slapped and beat you to a pulp while still courting you, cheated on you, disrespected you and your family, was not sensitive to you and you my dearly beloved sister proceeded to marry him (by faith,with faith,in faith that he will change in marriage), kindly do your parents and family a world of good by opening an account and saving the money for your burial because your funeral is at hand. Summarily, what you permit in the days of your courtship will be improved upon in the days and years of your marriage.

Worthy of mention is that the servant,the lady and the lady’s family were sensitive and godly to know it was God who was orchestrating the whole thing plus the fact that they were from the same origin. They had a background anyone would want to be involved in.They were believers, who trusted and served the Almighty God.

Do we still have godly men who are real and purposeful? Do we still have men like Isaac who intreated the Lord for his wife? Do we have the Proverbs 31 woman who will do her husband only good as long as they live?

Are parents still raising men like Samuel,Joseph,Daniel? Daughters like Esther,Rebekah,Deborah,Ruth,Eunice,Lois?

It is a wake up call to everyone. The family, the church, the society!

If we get it right from the womb,we would not have to go to the court to dissolve marriages, we would not have to call family meetings to discuss the constant and increasing battering of our daughter by her husband, neither would we have to gather to send our daughter back to her matrimonial home after she ran away or to discuss how to bring her home before the satan of a husband sends her to her untimely death.

When we do our bits as Parents, family relations, friends, church, society in the way of the Lord, encouraging when we should encourage, rebuke when we should rebuke, use the rod when we should use it, we will gladly and happily pray for our daughters like it was done in Gen 24:60, without fear that she will be safe and happy in her new home and of course rejoice and bless like the women in Ruth 4:14,15,17.




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