Is Christmas in the Bible?

Is Christmas in the Bible?

christmas - confronted me a few day ago with a touching statement: He does not celebrate Christmas because Christmas is not in the bible. So I decided to find out a little more from him wondering why things could so easily be considered as wrong because they have no mention in the bible.

“Your name is Olajide, right?” He said, “yes”. “Is that in the
bible?” He answered, “no”.
“Segun Salau  Street where you live, is that in the bible?” He
said, “no”.
“Nigeria, the country you come from is that in the bible?”
Same answer, “no”.


He responded, “no!”
Then he asked, “Christmas was not celebrated in the bible”.
Good point, I said. Logical questions should be given logical
answers. Let’s think of a few other things that didn’t take
place in or where mentioned in the bible and you justify why
you do them today even in church:

1. Your birthday, is it in the bible?
2. Your Matriculation and Graduation ceremonies, are they
in the bible?
3. White wedding with wedding gowns, are they in the bible?
4. Wedding Reception, is it in the bible?
5. Combing your hair, is it in the bible?
6. Your children names, are they all in the bible?
7. The phrase “Kingdom Hall” is it in the bible?
8. “New word translation of the Holy Scripture”, is it in the
9. Wedding Card, is it in the bible?
10. Is brain in the bible?
11. Are you in the bible, literally?

The answers were obviously NO, NO and NO. So why do we celebrate Christmas. It is not about the date, it is about the birth of a great person. We recognize that had he not come, we would be doomed. We bless the day he was born. Our job is not to carry out the geographical or chronological verifications of dates because these hold no values or essence.

The person in question was born and it happened in a certain DAY. If we all find out that Jesus was born 29th February, would that mean we would only celebrate him once in four years? There are a lot of things Jesus don’t ask for directly but we give him out of respect (exceptions to the current abuse of the celebration these days). Has Jesus ever asked for Naira? For example, “he never asked us to publish any magazine known as Watch Tower, but we do because we believe it promotes him. So if recognizing his birth
promotes, why should we ignore it and why shouldn’t we use it too?

I can’t a recall a Christmas that church has lately celebrated in reference to any ancient gods (if you claim the date came from there). Christmas is a Mass for Christ.
A bit of reflection on how Mandela was honoured during his burial. He didn’t have to ask for it. He deserved it. The world gave it to him because of his impact to humanity. Did Jesus do less? is it out of place for the Church to recognize a great person? I think what we should be doing is taking the celebration back from the world into the church. Rather than sit there and let them hijack the celebration of our Saviour to do awful things, we use the opportunity to declare his purpose of coming to the world.

christmas 2 -

When we are done winning the battle over his date of birth, I’d love to see how that promotes the preaching of the gospel. I’d love see how we count our victories over the world when we win battles over celebration dates and lose great souls of men. No true witness would reject the advantages Christmas provides him to witness Christ Jesus.

The word Christmas doesn’t have to be in the bible and I really am not affected by the origin of the word or date. The world aren’t bothered about that when they talk about the non-existing Santa
Claus, why should I be about a living Saviour? I’m concern about what it stands for now and what it is well known to mean. It means the birth of Christ. And if he had no birth,there would be no Easter. I’m not giving what Jesus deserves to SANTA CLAUS. Santa isn’t in the bible either.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance! 😀 😀 😀

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Oduniyi Olajide David

The CEO of GospelBreed Inc. I'm a Christian Blogger || Graphics and Website Designer || Digital Expert || Content Creator || Blog ScientistYou wanna know more about me?Follow Me On: Facebook & Twitter

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