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News: Bethel Music Kids Release Debut Album ‘Come Alive’

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Bethel Music introduces Bethel Music Kids, their new brand for kids, with the debut album, ‘Come Alive‘, released this week.

This engaging, high-energy CD/DVD features 11 Bethel Music worship favorites sung by kids from the Bethel Church community, including “One Thing Remains,” “You Make Me Brave,” Chasing You,” “This Is Amazing Grace” and more.

With all the songs reconstructed into synth-pop dance mixes, Come Alive’s accompanying DVD presents 11 story-based music videos that portray a “day in the life” of a child, full of vibrant group choreography that invites viewers to join in the fun.

While the idea of a Bethel brand directed for kids has been simmering for several years, it truly emerged on the foundation of worship already present in the community. Kiley Goodpasture, Creative Director, explained that the children are being raised in an environment where they understand God’s presence and they understand how to celebrate with each other in a pure and profound way.

When Bethel began to consider making this dream a reality, they did not have to manufacture something; they simply captured what was already happening in the worlds of these kids. With stories, props, lighting, colors, and all the lively surprises woven through the songs, Bethel celebrates the idea that when something is authentic, it is naturally moving.

The performers themselves – singers and dancers – made the project a success. Bethel Music is a branch of Bethel Church, and all of the kids that participated were friends from the local church. Bethel hosted two different audition days for the dancers and ended up with thirty-three kids whose friendships grew through the worship and recording of this project.

Their comradery remains one of Album’s and Artist Director Eric Allen’s favorite moments of production:“Observing a culture of honor, of brave communication, of respect and love, and seeing the kids champion each other was an amazing display of friendship – that was the highlight.”

‘Come Alive’ Track Listing:
1. Chasing You
2. This Is Amazing Grace
3. You Make Me Brave
4. O Taste And See
5. You Are Good
6. Breaking Through
7. Freedom
8. Deep Cries Out
9. This Is What You Do
10. Ever Be
11. One Thing Remains
12. You Make Me Brave
13. This Is Amazing Grace
14. This Is What You Do
15. You Are Good

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