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[Story] Common Mistakes Ladies Make in a Relationship…Episode 33

Common Mistakes Ladies Make in a Relationship…Episode 33

Common Mistakes Ladies Make in a Relationship (gospelbreed.com)

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Mum walked into the sitting room, with a heavily coloured and drawn face. My heart leapt as i noticed her condition.

“Mum! are you alright?” i asked curiously,

“Don’t mind me jare, i just received a very terrible news from a relative” she replied and walked to her room. I nervously ran after her.

“Just let me be dear, your dad will be in a better position to break the news to you” she begged when she saw me enter her room. Her words panicked and got me more curious, instead of calming me like she expected.

“Mum you are now getting me more worried” i held her hands, staring into her eyes. My heart pounded furiously as i wondered what could make her look so sick and nervous.

“Mum i insist you tell me, please” i begged and shook her hands.

“Alright fetch me a glass of water, i’m very thirsty” she ordered. I ran to the kitchen, filled a glass cup with water and ran back to her room.

She smiled reassuringly after drinking the water, breathed heavily and caressed my hair,
“I will tell you the news i just got, my dear. It really isn’t terrible like i earlier said, but just a bit surprising. So promise me you will behave like a proper lady when i open up to you” she asked of me.

“I promise i will behave mum” i managed to mutter anxiously.

“Emmanuel has a child, do you know?” she broke the news to me like a question. I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Which Emmanuel?” i asked fearfully,

“Your Emmanuel of course” she replied, “we had to ask around, in order to get first hand information about the family we are giving out our daughter to, and ended up getting this piece of information from a relative married in his Village” she explained, while i bit my lips as sadness, disbelief and pain instantly filled my heart.
Mum clearly understood my condition, drew my head to her chest and patted me like a baby.

“You shouldn’t feel very bad, you can still go ahead with the marriage if you love him well enough to overlook the little hindrance. The child is a girl and i heard the parents never accepted both the little girl and her mother” she consoled me,

“Mum please don’t talk like that” i cried, “how did it even happen?” i heard myself asking.

“According to my source, she said he got the girl pregnant before going for his NYSC. That should make the child a year or more, i guess” she replied. I felt empty, sad and weak.

“No wonder he was very anxious to marry me quickly and his mum even hid it from me” I cried bitterly. …

I FELT PLAYED AND BETRAYED, very uncertain of my future with him. It was at this point i knew i had lost my future and i regretted ever leaving Samuel the more

-To Be Continued-

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