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[Story] Common Mistakes Ladies Make in a Relationship…Episode 38

Common Mistakes Ladies Make in a Relationship…Episode 38

Common Mistakes Ladies Make in a Relationship (gospelbreed.com)

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“I hope my girl is free to leave?” Emmanuel asked quietly with his eyes on me. The young officer calmed himself, sat on his chair and breathed deeply as he stared at me.

“She’s free to leave, i have nothing against her for the moment, but i will be forced to involve her if we are unable to reach an agreement” he replied. Emmanuel instantly smiled at me,

“Hope you heard him baby?, you are free to go outside and wait for me” he said while i blushed and shook my head.

“Don’t worry about me, i think it’s better i sit here and listen to everything” I replied with a calm smile. He shook his head and stared into my eyes.

“I insist dear, please go outside and wait for me, please i beg of you” he pleaded seriously. I breathed deeply, stood up and left the officer’s office without another word. I really wasn’t happy that he asked me to leave, because i was keenly following the whole drama like a soap opera. Perhaps he did it to protect me, or did it to hide something from me, time will tell.

As i angrily left the police building, i ran into stella at the entrance . She smiled as soon as she saw me and stopped,

“HI friend good morning!” she greeted. I felt like ignoring her, but my anger overcame me. I stopped and stared at her furiously.

“What’s good about the morning?” I asked angrily,

“Oh a lot dear, today’s Sunday don’t you know?, Oh how would you remember since you spent your night in a good hotel huh” she replied with a smile.

“Whatever you are planning, just know that bad things doesn’t last, you will be judged for your actions, better know that” i preached and made to leave, but she strongly held my right hand, which surprised and stopped me.

“Where is your child p—–t? You want to fight me again huh?” I asked with burning eyes. She scoffed and shrugged.

“Come on babe cool off, we should be friends instead of enemies” she said with a changed tone,

“I don’t have your time, so please get behind me” i yelled and turned to leave.

“Whether you like it or not, you will be seeing more of my presence and i advise you leave that obnoxious Emmanuel and make something good out of your life now you still have the time, because i will make his life miserable and burn who ever stands on my way. I think i have given you fair warning my lady. Emmanuel spoiled my life and i won’t stop until i spoil his” she threatened seriously. I froze for a while, meditated over her words and walked away silently.

A new fear erupted in my heart. I had no doubt she was serious with her threats.

“Can i stand her? what else is she planning?, is there something i’m yet to find out about Emmanuel?” i wondered fearfully, my legs shook while my heart pounded furiously.

I calmly left the police station and waited for Emmanuel in a shop close by. I anxiously waited for forty five minutes, but he failed to show up.
Nervously i returned to the station, with my heart pounding furiously, fear engulfing me immensely. But luckily i met him at the entrance door, the spot i earlier had a little confrontation with Stella. I heaved a sigh of relief as i stared into his eyes.

Stella’s brother was standing by his side, they stared at me for a while without saying anything.

“You are free to go, but do know that my eyes are on you” He finally said to Emmanuel as they shook hands,

“No problem” Emmanuel murmured, held my hand and made to walk away with me.

“Can i have a word with you please” I heard Stella’s brother ask with his eyes on me. I stared at him nervously, breathed deeply and shrugged.

“Okay” i muttered and walked towards him, while Emmanuel watched suspiciously,

“You have seen nothing of what we call life’; your boyfriend is false in heart, in mind, in soul; he has a false flattering tongue, false lips, false principles, you better be careful” he advised seriously, surprising me with his bluntness.

“You better watch your tongue mister” Emmanuel instantly barked, reached out and dragged me away,

“Don’t mind the idiot” he nervously said to me as we left the police station.
We said nothing to each other until we arrived at his apartment minutes later.

“So how did you finally settle with them?, did you sign the papers?” I asked curiously. He breathed deeply, and shook his head,

“Please i rather not talk about it. Please” i heard him say,

“But i have every right to know, don’t I?” i asked,

“Please let me be, i’m very hungry” he murmured with an angry tone.

Without another word, i dutifully prepared and served breakfast, which he ate hungrily. My thoughts kept wandering to and fro as i watched him eat. I wasn’t as hungry as he was, because my heavy mind blocked my apetite.

“I’m still eager to know how you settled with him?” I anxiously asked, hiding my anxiety with a calm smile,

“I’m telling you no story, so please bother me no more. I have enough problems already” he replied coldly. I stared at him angrily, stood up and bit my lips.

“I think you are hiding something nasty from me, it’s better you open up now or?” I threatened with a raised voice.

“Or what?, Mary give me some space please, i’m choking” he replied defiantly, getting me extremely annoyed with his comment.

“Fine, I’m leaving, you know where to find me, bye” I shouted at him, grabbed my bag and ran out of his apartment. I was extremely angry and downcasted, i felt very bad because he treated me like an insignificant child. I understood his problems were telling on him, but to be treated in such undignifying manner was something i couldn’t stand. He equally never cared to run after me nor call me back.
I was almost in tears when i got back to my lodge minutes later.

Fate however added salt to my wound, by making me run into Samuel as i ran up the stairs with tears in my eyes.


I froze in shock as i stared at him, got hold of myself, looked away and ran past him to my room, but he surprisingly came after me, catching up with me as i stopped to unlock my door.

“happy Sunday Mary” he greeted politely,

“Hello Samuel” i murmured nervously. He breathed deeply, drew close and studied me silently. Luckily, i managed to open my door that moment, and rushed into my room without another word. He however joined me in my room, throwing me into great tension with his undesirable behaviour.

He really was the last person i expected to see or talk to that moment and I equally was extremely ashamed that he saw me in a very terrible condition. My heart pounded furiously as i fell face first on my bed, backing him rudely, and praying silently for him to leave, but my prayers weren’t answered. He simply stood calmly, and waited for me to get hold of myself.

“Please let me be, i’m not myself please” i finally heard myself say to him.

“You look very troubled, dejected, broken and lost, what is happening to you?” he asked curiously. I bit my lips and sighed deeply,

“Sam please leave me alone, i’m very tired and weak” i murmured, sat up and faced him with a coloured face. His eyes melted as he looked into mine, he came forward and squatted by my side,

“Did he hurt you again?, tell me, what did he do to you? I see pain and unhappiness in your eyes?” he asked searchingly, making me blush and look away. I was extremely embarrassed and ashamed.

“Why should you care, please leave” i said to him, but he calmly shook his head and held my hands,

“Old things has come to pass my dear, this is new year and ‘A New Year Brings a New Beginning’, so don’t worry about the past, you can still count on me for anything” he sweetly said, while i looked into his eyes and saw hope. The only thing missing that moment was a soap opera music.

Can you guess what happened next????

-To Be Continued-

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