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Download Music: Ere Nla by Gbolahan (Exceedingly Great Reward)

Ere Nla by Gbolahan

Here is his story behind Ere Nla:
Years ago, precisely 2009, I was in the studio recording Lojojumo with an amazing Producer and his assistant and I got talking. When he found out I taught Asa the guitar he exclaimed,
“Bros, Asa flies all over the world 1st class and u are here singing gospel? Chai!!”
I quietly looked at the ceiling and muttered, “Baba Shey u can hear what people think about those who serve u?”.
I went home with a heavy heart because that brother didn’t mean to insult me in any way, he was only saying the seeming reality of our time, that serving God with ur talent is a waste and there’s no profit in it. I prayed and actually asked God, is there really any profit in serving u?
While reading my Bible, Gen.15:1 jumped out at me…”after these things, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision saying, Fear not Abram for I am thy shield and thine exceedingly great reward.”
I quickly picked up my Yoruba Bible to get the translation in my language and ERE NLA leaped out of the pages, so I started to write this song.
7 years later, along with my friends Victor Uzugbo (NuBrid) and   Adeleye Oluwatosin Elijah (T-Value) who are amazing worship leaders and songwriters, the song arrangement skills of Flyy En-y Niyi Afuye and the Producer Adewole Adesanya also known as Mr. Wols, a new song of praise and faith in a God who can never owe any man who serves and worships him in Spirit and truth is born.
As the cheers of Happy New Year fade and everyone gets into the rhythm of the day and the hustle to make 2016 a memorable and fruitful year, prolific guitarist-singer-songwriter Gbolahan  releases a new song titled Ere Nla which means “an Exceedingly great reward”. This one will bless ur hearts. Agbanilagbatan is a great song, Ere Nla is right up there beside it.
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