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Story: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged……Episode 2

Destiny Delayed But Unchanged…..

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…….Episode 2

We arrive at where Micheal is and when he alighted from the car he was sitting in, I stare at him like an idiot and even when his mother gets down to go meet him, I kept staring at him not knowing the next line of action to take.

He in turn moves closer to the car i was, opens it and drags me out of it. Then without warning, he pulls me close and hugs me tight, very tight, tighter than I expected.

“How are you?” He whispers and I nod, there isn’t much space to speak as he hasn’t released me from the tight hug. “I didn’t know you were coming…” He says after he finally releases me. “We have a lot to catch up on.” He then directs his gaze to his mother “let me drop you off mummy and get the mechanic to come fix this car.”

His mother nods in response.. He then looked at me and said again “I’ve missed you” I blushed.

“You look well…scratch that, you look beautiful” he says to me once the three of us head towards where his mum needs to run an errand and I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say.

Stop being an idiot, thank you is a good way to start!

I follow the voice in my head and decide to give an answer but this comes out instead, “I know”

He laughs, heartily. I remember the laughter, it used to be contagious, it still is because I chuckle.

“We really need to catch up on everything…” He says to me and looks in my direction. His hand finds its way to my face and he cups my chin with his finger. My heart begins to race and I wonder if I’m sane when his phone saves me from thinking like a mad woman.

“Linda” he says as he picks it. “What? I’m heading home right-away”

We left together to his place immediately he dropped the call.


“They say she’s really ill! Her parents say she can’t make it down here before the wedding on Saturday! What the heck am I to do baby?”

Linda sobs like a little child and I try to look away from the sight of Micheal holding her and calming her down as he whispers sweet words to her.

I should be okay with this, I should expect this. I mean I knew there would be a you-may-kiss-your-bride kiss and every other kiss brides and grooms share. So why am I not comfortable with Micheal holding his bride to be?

“She is a size 6 baby. None of the girls here are that size. Not one single one of the bridesmaids. This is a big deal! How do I work down the aisle without a maid of honour?! That’s like ruining the entire wedding!” She continues to say as she sobs in the hands of my Micheal.

I honestly can’t stay here anymore. I should have dropped off with Micheal’s mum, instead of returning here with him and watching this episode.

“The wedding is ruined…” Linda continues to say and I’m tempted to shut her up. The wedding can’t be ruined cos there is no maid of honour, all she needs do is find someone else and…..

“She can be, can’t she?” I hear her say. And when I turn to look at her, I realise she’s staring at me.

“What?” I ask, wondering what is going on.

“You are a size 6. The dress would fit perfectly. Please be my maid of honour. Let me get the dress.” She says and disappears into the room.

I gape at her as she exits.


“You did what? Rebecca!”

I don’t say anything. Nothing at all, I just hold the phone to my ear and stare at my reflection in the mirror.

I should have kept the piece of information to myself but again, I had to share. I had to tell the closest person to me at the moment, David. And he’s crucifying me for it just as I expected.


He doesn’t let me speak, “Rebecca, I won’t lie to you but you just did the most stupid thing anybody can do in this situation!”

That irks me and because I can’t help it, I respond “so what now? I’m always stupid? I don’t need your lecture right now” and then I hang up.

Face it; you’re really being stupid.

I can hang up on David but I can’t stop my mind from hurling the same words at me. Be a maid of honour at my own ex’s wedding? A year ago I wanted it to be Him and I standing in front of the pastor being proclaimed husband & wife, I wanted to be the woman standing next to him, not the woman standing behind the woman standing next to him.

I’m being silly.

I picked the dress Linda handed over to me earlier and within few minutes i had pulled off the cloth i was putting on and changed to the gown. I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I’m wearing the maid of honour’s dress. It is a peach coloured knee length gown, with short sleeves and a plunging neckline. The dress fits perfectly like it was made for me. I try to smile. But even that doesn’t make me feel better about being a maid of honour at Micheal’s wedding.

Someone knocks and I responded “come in” without turning to look at who it is.

“Rebecca. What are you doing?” He asks as soon as he steps into the room.

I turn to stare at him. He is looking at me with uncertainty in his eyes.

“Wearing a dress…”I reply.

“Don’t be silly Rebecca. What are you doing giving Linda’s proposal a thought?” He asks, stepping closer and making my heart race. Wait, why am I feeling this attracted to someone else’s husband to be?

“Micheal it isn’t such a bad idea…”

“It seems like it is to me. Maybe you should seriously think about it before giving her an answer” He says, now staring into my eyes and standing really close to me.

I try to speak but nothing comes out. Am I crossing the line between being a good Christian and being utterly foolish?

Talking about foolish, why am I hoping Micheal would hug and kiss me or something? And like he can read my mind, he does the former but limits the latter to my forehead.

“I care so much about you Rebecca. I don’t want you to do something silly…I don’t want you to hurt”

“Oh. You didn’t seem to think of that when you walked away a year ago.” I snap angrily and then immediately wonder why that came out. I step out of his embrace and move away from him.

“Rebecca, you left me no choice…” He replies

“I left you no choice? Listen to yourself…you were supposed to be head over heels in love with me, yet you walked because we had a disagreement!” I yelled.

“It wasn’t just a disagreement and you know it.” He responded and I turned to face him.


“Yes Rebecca. You were disrespectful to me and all we stood for, you took my love for granted and didn’t give back as much as I did! That relationship lasted that long because of me!”

There’s silence in the room as we both stare at each other with so much anger. Wait, where did that even come from?

“I can’t believe you. Now you’re taking credit for holding the relationship together?” I break the silence after a few seconds.

“I hate to say Yes but it was all me Rebecca. All me…I was insanely in love with you but all you did was lock up your heart, be cold and you cheated on…” He stops midway as he realises his mistake.

My heart beats faster and my pulse begins to race, he on the other hand tries to move closer

“Get out” I say quietly.

“Rebecca, I’m sorry…”

“Get out” I repeat and deep down inside of me, I know I’m leaving tomorrow morning.

-To Be Continued-

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