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Story: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged….Episode 5

Destiny Delayed But Unchanged….

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….Episode 5

Wild parties and loud music aren’t things I exactly associate myself with, but here we are (I and Linda) in this very loud club where we can hardly hear our own voices.

She asked me to come out with her to celebrate, after I agreed to return to Lagos and here we are in this stupid noisy place while she gets drunk.

I stare on at ugly looking middle aged women who parade themselves as strippers and smile once in a while at Linda, just assuring her that I’m certainly leaving on the morrow.

When she begins to get drunk, I know she’d be my responsibility and so I try to stop her. She laughs and drags me to the dance floor where she begins to dance wildly.

I notice some few guys trying to take advantage of her and I decided it is time to go home.

I drag her along with me; grab her car keys and head out of the door.

It is raining heavily outside and we are drenched in seconds. Damn it, how in God’s name am I supposed to drive under this condition?

I brace myself up and get a very drunk Linda into the car, and then I join her in the car by getting into the driver’s seat and locking it up.

I turn on the ignition and drove slowly towards home. Thoughts of Micheal ran through my mind and it’s very hard to ignore the hurt, the pain and heartbreak that I feel.

But Linda is a good woman; he’d be safe with her.

David’s words echo in my head I know they’ll be fine. What about you?

The car brought me back to reality as it suddenly stops.

I try to start the engine and it won’t come on.

“What’s happening?” I mutter. I turn to look at Linda hoping she’d help somehow but she’s fast asleep.

Nice. I mutter in frustration and dial the only help I can get, Micheal.


By the time Micheal arrived at the scene, I have tried to check the battery and whatever in the car bonnet and I am seriously drenched and very cold.

I realize it is something with the security that I’d have known to check if Linda hadn’t been so drunk.

“You look so exhausted” Micheal said to me softly and then hugs me. “Let me take you both home”

When we arrive home, he caters for his wife-to-be first and joined me therafter.

“I should make you coffee” he said and I follow him to get the coffee

“You look like a child that needs her mummy though…so scattered, confused and disorganized. See how you were staring under the rain” he adds and laughs.

“I was scared jor, get out” I respond playfully. Who wouldn’t have been? Stuck on the road in that heavy rain that late at night.

We both laugh. And then there’s silence.

“I’m sorry Micheal… I…”

“Shhh…”He places his finger on my lips. “Let’s just laugh okay? We’ve had so much wahala all day. Let’s just laugh.”

I nod and he smiles. And he moves closer, making me breathless and making my heart race.

“I’d miss you when you leave” he says hoarsely

I nod. I’d miss him too. But we shouldn’t be discussing…

His mouth engages mine in a kiss before I can think further. And no I didn’t slap him or push him away or do what I should be doing as a sane person, I threw my hands around his neck, and returned his kiss passionately.


“I’m going to hurt her” he says to me as he watches me head out of the kitchen.

I had disengaged from the kiss that was most likely going to end badly and had been running to my room to escape from my own foolishness when he says those words.

I halt, turned to face him and told him “Micheal, you won’t…try not to”

He shakes his head and that moment, I know I’m in trouble.

“You know me Rebecca. This isn’t who I am. When I started to have doubts about us, I ended the relationship. Now I’m having second thoughts about Linda. I feel like I need more time”. He says and I run to him and hold his hands

“It is two days to your wedding! You can’t do this! This isn’t a movie” I said to him, hoping that he would get over this moment and be reasonable.


“I’m not going to talk you into this madness Micheal. If you think I’d support you breaking her heart and walking away because I showed up, then have another thing coming. You started this and you will end it!” I cut in and then stop when I realise I am raising my voice. It is getting late and I shouldn’t be talking so loud. I don’t want to wake the household and have them wonder what we are doing here all alone after the crazy day we all had.

“You are sounding like you want me to marry her” he says quietly and I am thrown off balance for a few seconds. I don’t know what to say, I am stunned! I wasn’t expecting that.

He continues to speak “you can tell the whole world you came here to wish me a happy married life but you know deep down it wasn’t for that”

“Excuse me?” I found my voice and I can’t believe he is making me seem so needy. Like I need him so badly that I came all the way to throw myself at him.

“Rebecca, you don’t want me to marry Linda and that’s the truth”

“Micheal if you need a reason to make a stupid decision, do not blame it on me.” I responded. I’m getting angry.

There’s silence for a while and during this period I try to calm my nerves. What is going on? Why in the world am I here?

For the first time since I made the decision to attend this wedding, I told myself that I am utterly stupid.

“What are we going to do?” He asks me, uncertainty in his eyes.

“Marry her” I say to him.

“You are being selfish Rebecca” he replies and I wonder how. I’m being selfless dashing him out to Linda not selfish. “You don’t want the world to hate you for this. That’s why you want me to marry her” he adds and I can’t help but agree because it is the pure undiluted truth.

“Micheal, we can’t do this. We can’t let this all end. I’m leaving tomorrow morning like I said earlier, please make it work with your bride and forget all of these” I say to him and he nods and smiles sadly.

Again, he reaches forward, grabs me and kisses me. This time It is like he is trying to pass a message across, but I can’t say what it is.

-To Be Continued-

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