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Story: Friend or Foe…..Episode 12

Friend or Foe…..

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…..Episode 12

Temi could hear me sniffle and cry in the room, but she didn’t try to ask me any question. I was still in thoughts.


“She cant keep the child, she just cant!!, our name?, our dignity?, our reputation? what would other people think of us? the shame?” Mum yelled with the top of her voice from their bedroom in a rather hot argument with Dad over my issue, while i listened with glee from the sitting room.

“Look dear, what has happened has happened, no matter what she has done, i still love her as a father and wont in any way see her kill an innocent child, people can say whatever they want to say, but i believe that everything would end up all good.” Dad said calmly and softly, in an effort to convince Mom, who was insisting i aborted the pregnancy.

I was filled with shame, guilt, and ignominy as i thought about the humiliation and embarrassment i let upon my parents.

Their argument went on for quite a long time that i never knew when i slept off right there in the sitting room over night.

Early the next morning, i got to know that they resolved on me keeping the child, but when i delivered the baby it would be taken to a family relative for upkeep since i would be schooling. They had also agreed on sending me away to live with my distant aunt, to avoid further humiliation on them and myself.

Nine (9) months later while at my aunt’s residence i was rushed to a nearby hospital where i gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.
My parents visited me, although they couldn’t hide their disappointment that i gave birth to a fatherless child, but at least they were happy i gave birth safely.

He(baby) was later taken away from me, to another distant relative where he would be kept probably till i finished school.

That’s a secret and part of my life i have never shared with anyone.


“Stand up, crying head, its morning already, you virtually didn’t sleep at all last night” Temi said, drawing open her window curtains, while sun-rays penetrated through them shining brightly on my eyes, cutting me off my thoughts and bringing me back to reality, as i looked up, shrugged and dug my head back under the pillow again as i didn’t want to be awoken yet.

I lazily dragged my feet to the bathroom where i quickly had my shower, put on a simple dress, wore my make up and ate a light breakfast of tea and bread, as i prepared to leave to my faculty where a bus awaits we the medical students to be taken to the research institute where a 2-day workshop and training would be held.

“So do you want to talk about last night?” Temi asked while i paused and looked straight into her eyes.

“No, not really, lets just forget about last night” i quietly replied her, while she just stared at me, uncertain of whether to keep on questioning me or not.

“Goodluck anways on your trip” Temi finally muttered as we both left for school.

I made it to department just on time, but as i boarded the bus, a call came in, it was from Tunde.

“Hey Bewaji, am sorry for what happened yester-night, am truly sorry, i promise it wont happen again, please let that not ruin our friendship, please forgive me.” Tunde said in quick succession almost immediately i picked his call.

“Its okay, there’s nothing to be all stressed up about!” i replied him, but he was utterly surprised at my reply.

“Its okay? you mean its okay?” Tunde muttered with uncertainty.

“Yea its okay,i don’t hold any thing against you. I was the one who acted stupidly and immature.

“Wow, thanks for being so understanding, honestly i thought you were going to end our friendship like that, am even presently at your residence but your roommate told me you didn’t sleep in your room last night, but you know what?” Tunde asked.


“I Love You Bewaji, i didn’t see you as cheap at what we both did last night, that was a very costly mistake on our part both, we bot couldn’t control our emotions and we gave in to the craving of the flesh. I promise you such will never happen again till our wedding night.

But truthfully Bewaji, you stole my heart right from the actual day i set my eyes on you, you gave me reason to love again, i don’t know what happened this morning, but i feel totally different, i feel renewed, i feel free!” Tunde explained with joy.

“Wow, that’s great” i commended.

” No, you don’t understand what i mean by that, Folake came into my apartment an hour you left, but i felt different, i felt free, i no longer succor to her authority. And we even quarreled, the very first time in my life since Folake came into my life episode and i felt responsible for my actions.” Tunde remarked as i listened with all seriousness to every word he spoke right inside the moving bus, but i was surprised when he said he quarreled with Folake.

Could it mean that the fact that he was able to love someone else again broke him free from the claws of Folake? I kept pondering about that as we spoke for a while as i told him i would be coming back home the next day then we finally hanged up.

I had mixed feelings that day, not that i wasn’t happy for him that he had probably began to come back to his senses, but i was scared at the things Folake might do, especially now that Tunde said they both quarreled.

I was beginning to live in fear, not knowing that my fears would soon come to reality, as i received a call the next day that changed the lines of this story!!

To Be Continued…..

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