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Story: Friend or Foe…..Episode 15

Friend or Foe…..

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…..Episode 15

“I still can’t believe Tunde’s gone for real and never to return, as in everything happened so fast” i muttered, landing on my bed when we got home from the hospital.

“Well, that’s life for you, I think everything happens for a reason, it’s just a matter of time before we bring to justice whoever was behind his killing” Tobi said, taking her seat on the leather couch.

“May God strike down that Folake of a girl, there’s no doubts she killed Tunde for her selfish reasons” Temi also added, taking a seat besides Tobi on the couch.

“Honestly, i don’t know what to think again, but i have a strong feeling something is not just right here” I began.

“What do you mean by that? are you saying you don’t know that it was Folake that killed Tunde?” Temi asked almost immediately.

“I dont know for sure but—”

Just then, a knock was heard at the door.

“Who’s there?” Tobi asked, as we all turned and looked to the door.

“Please open up, it’s the Police” The voice said calmly.

We hesitated a little, giving each other glances of uncertainty.

Tobi finally stood up and opened the door. Our eyes were met by a young cute police sergeant, with a voice as gentle as a dove, probably in his early twenties. His black uniform well ironed and clean, unlike other rugged policemen. He looked generally calm and reserved.

“Am Sergeant Philip. From the force head-quarters, i was ordered to come fetch Miss Bewaji immediately” he ordered, although his gentle reserved nature made it sound like it was just a plea.

Tobi and Temi both fixed a gaze at me. I stood there motionless. I shrugged, rolled my eyes and asked.

“Please sir, is anything the matter?”

“I don’t know for sure, I was only told to bring you over to the station” He replied.

“Please sir, at least you must have a clue why you were asked to bring her.” Tobi asked him with seriousness written all over her face.

“Okay, I think it has something to do with a boy’s death” Sergeant Philip announced.

I breathed deeply, looked at Tobi and Temi, while they both returned the look.

I turned around, giving my apartment a quick look like i was searching for something or better still giving the room a ‘bye till when God knows when’.

I exhaled heavily and gave sergeant Philip a ‘We’re good to go’ expression.

“After you miss” he responded, leading me out of the apartment.

I went outside only to meet a police van full of officers awaiting me. I climbed on, and off we zoom to the station.


We arrived at the force headquarters in no time, down the ranks, we met the squeezed terrible bone-like looking faces of junior officers and other low graded policemen.

“Please follow me” Sergeant Philip ordered, leading me up the stairs to meet his superiors.

We climbed up the stairs finding our self in a long hall reception-like room. I noticed the depressed faces of two elderly man and woman sitting on a couch at the reception, which i later found out to be the Tunde’s parent.

Immediately they set their eyes on me, their countenance changed. I could see the rage, bitterness and disdain in which they looked at me. The woman quickly plunged at me grabbing my collar, foaming with anger and hatred, even before the officers who led me could do anything.

“So you are the girl who has decided to put an end to my only son’s life. What wrong did he do to you that made you kill him? ehn, tell me, what wrong did he do to you” The woman said as she broke down in tears.

Her husband just stood from afar, with his face buried in his hands.

“Please madam, get a hold of your self and let go of her” sergeant Philip begged removing her grasp on my shirt away. Leading me to the AIG’s office as I thought of what I had gotten myself into and what that whole drama was all about.

The AIG’s office isn’t an office where just any cases are reported to, it totally means Tunde’s parents were madly rich and connected, and nothing could stop them from getting justice for their deceased son.

“The door is open, come in!!” a deep bass voice ordered from inside when sergeant Philip knocked on his door.

Sergeant Philip led me into the AIG’s office, while my eyes met with that of Detective David seated on the couch behind the desk of the dark scary looking eyes of the Assistant Inspector General of Police. We were trailed behind by Tunde’s parent.

What ever the case here, i knew it wasn’t gonna be good.

To Be Continued….

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