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Story: Friend or Foe…..Episode 16

Friend or Foe…..

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…..Episode 16

“Shawn sir!!” Sergeant Philip stood at attention, stamping his foot on the floor and raising his right hand to his forehead. ” Here is the first suspect you ordered me to bring sir!!”

“Good, very Good” the scary looking AIG commended, slightly hitting his table with one hand.

“Young woman, do you know why you were brought here?” The AIG asked.

“No sir, am really lost and confused sir” I replied him shakily and uncertain.

“What do you know about the death of a certain boy called Tunde?” The scary looking officer asked, fixing a strange gaze at me which almost made me run mad.

I turned around, scanning the faces of everybody present in the room. They seemed all too serious and was expecting my response.

“I swear to God sir, I know nothing of it sir.” I replied him with while he stared at me cold eyes.

“Young woman, our inside mouths tell us that you visited him the eve of that night before he was poisoned, how true is that?” he asked.

I was about speaking out when his telephone rang, he turned and picked it up as he answered it, squeezing and tightening his face as the veins on his face plunged out, speaking almost inaudible words to his caller.

We all waited for him to finish his call and when he was through, he stood up.

“Detective David, this case is in your hand now! I need you to execute it without fear or favour, do you understand me”

“Yes sir, very clearly sir!” Detective David replied him, standing up to his feet in attention.

The AIG left his office and was followed by Tunde’s parents.

“Sergeant Philip!”


“Take her to the interrogation room immediately”

“Yes sir!”

I was gestured and led to the interrogation room while Detective David trailed us from behind. I was glad at least, i was still yet to undergo any torture, at least for the time being, or so i thought.

‘Who is going to vindicate me from this mess’ I thought to myself as I was led to the interrogation room.

I knew within me that it would only take God’s grace and an understanding and intelligent detective to help unravel this case, otherwise, I was doomed.

I knew that whether i confessed the truth or not, i might, just might still be convicted for something I knew nothing of.


“You see my dear, I am the cousin of your friend Temi and i hope to bring you out of this mess if only you cooperate with me, i need you to tell me the whole truth and please don’t spare anything, tell me what you went to do in his house and what transpired when you were at his house, i mean tell me everything you know happened that day” Detective David requested as we both took our seats in the interrogation room.

It was a poorly-litted room with no lights, except for some cracks where blinding rays of sunlight passed through. It had a desk with two chairs placed opposite each other in the centre of the room, while a small blue recorder was placed on top of the desk. Two officers including sergeant Philip stood at attention in the room, one at the door and he himself close to us.

I breathed heavily, gazed intently at detective David trying to read his facial expression, although I could barely see his face due to the poor lighting of the room.

“Miss Bewaji, please don’t hold anything back from me, i might just be the one to help you out of this” Detective David said, drawing my attention back to him.

I tried hard not to say anything, but my mouth didn’t just want to keep shut.
I sighed, rolled my eyes and cleared my throat deeply. Then I began my tale, I told him everything not sparing a single episode, i even told him everything from the beginning, how we first met and such. I also told him about my innocence in regards to Tunde’s death which I felt is the most essential of the whole discussion. Then i finally told him about Folake’s part.

He was a little shocked and surprised when i began telling him everything that had transpired between Folake, Tunde and I.

“Hmmn, this is a tough one. Am just hearing of Folake in this case from you, and it seems she might also be in the radar of Tunde’s death” David replied.

“That’s the truth sir, everything i just told you is nothing but the truth” i responded him.

“I just hope you are not hiding anything back from me oh, if not you might be the one to suffer for it all at the end”

“No sir, I swear to God, that’s all i know”i said assuring him.

“Sergeant Philip!!” he called out.


“Prepare the van, Miss Bewaji would be taking us to the residence of Miss Folake”

“Yes sir”. Sergeant Philip left the room.

I wanted to say something but words failed me. I felt like i was choked in the throat by a lump of food substance.

I was led out of the room and taken to the van, where i would take them (Police) to Folake’s residence. But only for us to get there and ………

To Be Continued….

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