Story: Friend or Foe…..Episode 3

Friend or Foe…..

Friend or

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……Episode 3

I arrived at the party a bit late, where i was received with a warm hug and embrace by Temi, who was indeed surprised that I honoured her occasion.

We both had a gist for a little while before settling and joining in the party groove. Temi suggested we also hit the dance floor, but i felt a bit shy and denied her request, but before i knew it,she was already taken away by one of her numerous boyfriends. I quickly located a quiet place where i sat down, my best way of catching fun is sitting and watching.

From the position where i sat down, i observed the party very well, and realised that it was a well to do party,with the big boys of the university all trooping in, looking for girls to either toast or just have a one night stand with. Some boys where at one corner smoking all manners of hemp while others where busy vomiting their stomach out,due to too much of alcohol drinking. Other useless girls were found dancing like what i will best describe as a devil’s dance, stripping naked at the sight of a rich dude. At another angle, girls were also found giving hot slaps to their boyfriends who were caught admiring or flirting with other girls. The party was just full of fun.

I just sat at my seat, entangled in my thoughts that i didn’t even realise when Tunde walked up to me and tried starting a conversation with me. I just sat in shock when i saw him, he wasn’t looking bad at all, with a calm smile he greeted me. “Hello Bewaji, how are you doing”, “Am fine” i managed to say with a smile on my face, even when i didn’t know why i smiled, probably because i was enjoying the atmosphere of the party.

“Am really surprised seeing you here at this party, i never knew you attended parties?” he asked, but rather than answering him, i just stared at him with a fixed grin on my face. ” please, do you mind me buying you a drink” he continued with a pleading face. “Am sorry, i don’t mean to be rude, but i mind, please just leave me alone” i said in a rising tone.

“Please, just a drink and nothing else” he begged. But i remained adamant and yelled at him “Look just let me be! Am tired of you stalking me everywhere i go”. Onlookers already had their prying eyes on us, which really made Tunde feel embarrassed.

“Common na, whats really wrong with you?, Am just asking that i buy you a drink only, besides i noticed you are alone and felt like keeping you company, your rude attitude has made boys run away from you” he barked..

Right there i gave him a very loud slap that Yoruba mother’s call IGBATI OLOOYI, the type that can reset one’s destiny and leave you speechless, and continually rubbing your face.

I felt insulted, how dare He talk to me that way. I quickly found my purse and stood up to take my leave, when i saw Temi, standing in front of me, she obviously had witnessed the whole event that just transpired between I and Tunde. She stared at me with a disappointing look, while i quickly turned as i made to leave. I heard her saying something to Tunde, which i guess she was apologizing for my rudeness, but i didn’t pay attention to hear it, because i was already on my way.

When she was through with whatever she was saying to Tunde, she beckoned on me to wait for her, but i was already far off. Am not that kinda person that waits to receive insult!

I kept on hearing Temi’s voice imploring me to wait her,but i never cared to look back because i was already fuming with anger. I kept on moving not until i felt the grip of a very strong hand on my wrist out of no where, at first i thought it was a known friend trying to slow me down, but the way the hand held me really forced me to turn back to face him, i discovered it was one of those indian hemp smokers who i guess was looking for a girl to toast.

“Wetin dey do you sef, abi you deaf for ear” came the thick voice of the guy who held my hand.

“You dey craze for head oh, leave my hand jare” i barked back at him. ”

I go sand you for here now oh, wetin be your own?, you mean say you no hear when i dey call you?” the huge guy yelled.

I never cared turning back to listen to my friend who has been calling my name persistently or even Tunde who offered to by me a drink, is it now this useless pig i’ll now stoop so low and listen to? I said to myself.

” Which business i get with you? Or i dey owe you money?” i angrily asked him, flowing with him in his pidgin accent, but it seemed he got really infuriated by my question, which got him really mad ” see this b—h they form for me o” He angrily said in jest, making some of his friends who were around to start laughing while other people in the party had already started watching the season film that was about to erupt, “Na your mama be bit*ch” i replied in defense.

“Kp000waa” came a ringing sound that landed on my cheek, jeez i staggered back a bit. I was instantly turned into a ragging lion, i became so furious and immediately held him on his collar jerking him up.

Kpoooowaaa, another mighty slap landed on my face, i was totally caught off guard this time around, cause i didn’t anticipate he’ll have the guts to repeat what he did earlier. Like a ruthless tigress i held his shirt, tearing it off in the process, he wore a very soft silk cloth, making it very easy to rip off quickly.

I was really very furious with rage, i didn’t care about the onlookers who were already looking at how a boy was foolishly humiliating a girl without trying to intervene (I trust Nigerians for this). I started hitting him, like when a butcher is cutting meat, but i knew my soft hands weren’t making any impact, cause he didn’t feel anything while i was hitting him.

“Please nau bros, abeg leave am” came a small female voice. Oh oh,i now remembered that Temi was present all along. She had even started holding the boys knickers begging him to leave me alone. But i wasn’t just the begging type and i don’t give up easily. I knew he did me wrong in the first place so he should be the one begging and not me, but i also knew one thing for sure that if someone didn’t come to my rescue, hmmn na die be that oh!

“See this ashawo like you, na me you been they form for before abi? Today i go teach you lesson” the huge guy ranted.

“Kpooowa” came the third slap, sweeping me off my feet, staggering, i had already felt tears trickling down my cheeks. Oh,i don suffer!!!. I fell to the ground, like someone who had received a Smack Down from “Big Show” himself.

The guy immediately found his way to his waist and tried pulling out his belt. With the belt Fully swung in the air, i knew it wasn’t long before my body would start aching from body pains. I pray i survive this, i muttered.

“Guy, you dey mad!?!!” came a male familiar voice, he quickly reached for the belt the guy was holding and with one powerful kick, he swept the huge bully off his feet, sending him to the ground.

“Oh, it was no one else than my Tunde” i smiled as i said to myself.

-To Be Continued-

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Oduniyi Olajide David

The CEO of GospelBreed Inc. I'm a Christian Blogger || Graphics and Website Designer || Digital Expert || Content Creator || Blog ScientistYou wanna know more about me?Follow Me On: Facebook & Twitter

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