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Story: Friend or Foe…..Episode 5

Friend or Foe…..

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…..Episode 5

“Let’s get a shower together, put on some nice music and do it in style.” Daniel said seductively then.…I was his slave for that day, as if i was eager for him to descend on me. I just wanted to satisfy him so as to protect any other lady from stealing my man. How foolish i was!

I took his hand and we both climbed out of the shower and into the bedroom. There, i just leaped onto the bed and surrendered myself like an idiot, all in the sake of what we mostly describe as LOVE which isn’t anything other than the word called LUST.

“Do what ever you want, Daniel, i love you with all my heart” i said,

We both fell off from each other’s body as we took some rest after the whole incident. It was then i realized the repercussion of what was just done!! and funniest thing was that he never used a protection all through which i never even thought of till it was over.

The memories still came back to me fresh, as i laid on my bed!.


I was still in thoughts when my phone rang, bringing me back to reality, it was Temi. “Hi, Bewaji, i  just call to inform  you that Tunde has been discharged, the doctor just did some stitching since his injured head wasn’t so serious” Temi spoke calmly as soon as i picked. ” Okay, that’s good to know, but wait oh, you mean you’re still there with him?” I asked, ” Yea, i couldn’t just leave him here nah, there’s no one to attend to him, since you decided to leave”. Temi said g me feel guilty.

” Look, Temi, am really sorry i left you guys, i guess i wasn’t in the right state of mind then, thanks for staying up for him, i promise to make it up to you. I murmured pleadingly. ” Alright, whatever!” Temi replied as she cut the call.

I was really tired and exhausted, a good night rest would surely do the trick. I had an obligation to perform, which was apologizing and thanking Tunde for what he did for me, but in a diplomatic way. I didn’t want to fill his mind with any nonsense thoughts about me to have fallen for him. Tomorrow, was surely gonna be hectic, I thought within myself.

I closed my eyes, as nature took me down the wonderful aisle of sleep.

I woke up the next day, took my shower and got ready for lectures, so did Tobi my roommate. Tobi was just the kind of roommate i would have wished for, she acted like my mother and counsellor, but most at times to my dislike. She was few years older than i was. She was also really beautiful, and had many boyfriends. She wasn’t the type of girl who was faithful to just one boy, although she wasn’t a runs girl as most people would have thought.

We both left our off campus apartment, which was situated not too far from our university. One thing i disliked about off campus accommodation was the transportation fare that i spent every day. It was really draining down our finances.

We had already locked up and was about calling for the popular ” Okada men” when a car clutched in front of our apartment.

I tried looking through the tinted glass, and discovered that it was no other person than Tunde. My mind flew!. I surely wasn’t expecting him that morning.


Tunde came down from his car and headed towards us. I was really surprised to see him so early, he wore an head-warmer, probably to cover the part of his head that was stitched. Tobi too couldn’t hide her amazement in seeing him so early, was that how jobless he was for the sake of love?.

Tunde and Tobi both exchanged greetings and pleasantries while i stood there like a statue. “Hi there”, Tunde greeted me, breaking the silence between us. Tobi quickly turned and faced me, giving me the ” You better start apologizing” look.

” Tunde, from the bottom of my heart, i want to sincerely thank you for defending my honour yesterday, and i really want to apologize for leaving you at the hospital in such state, i guess i wasn’t in the right state of mind” I pleaded.

“Its alright, anyone would have fought for someone as beautiful as you are, even if its to die for you dear, am ready, it only hurts me that you’re are not trying to notice me, i hope you got my flowers yesterday?” he asked with a calm smile, while i blushed.

“Like I said before, am really sorry, and promise to make it up to you” 00oops!!, What the hell did i just say?, i have giving him the opportunity he had been longing for, and sincerely what any guy would have asked for next was either a date or an outing.

But I and Tobi were really surprised when he said, ” Alright then, i hope you wouldn’t mind if i gave you guys a ride to school?” he asked with a pleading face.

I was about replying him with a NO, when Tobi quickly gave me a stern look and replied him in the affirmative. *Better to use transport fare for gala and lacasera*
I was reluctant at first, but Tobi had already hooped into his car, so i had no other option than to follow suit.

“Nice car you’ve got” Tobi flattered the joyous Tunde, who couldn’t believe he had gotten us into his car. His face was just full of smiles as he nodded his head, started the engine and off we zoomed. We didn’t really talk much on the way.

We finally arrived at our department, and Tunde tried acting like gentleman, he quickly came down from his car and rushed to open the car door for us as we came out, with smiles still on his face.

” Thanks a lot for accepting to enter my car, that meant a lot, please can i have your number, and please don’t say NO!” Tunde begged.

I was about replying him when a female voice called from behind.

“Tunde!!?;what are you doing here”, the voice said rushing closer to us.

I immediately noticed a sudden strange change of mood in Tunde, surely he wasn’t happy to see her.

“Hey Folake, what’s up?” Tunde replied her.
” What are you doing here and who are they??!!” the girl arrogantly asked ignoring his greetings.
“They are my friends, please meet….”
Tunde didn’t even complete what he was saying when she shut him up. He just stood there, like a day old baby.

The girl immediately turned to us with one hand on her waist, like someone ready for a fight.

Something was about to happen, and it wasn’t good at all.

To Be Continued… 

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