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Story: The Story of My Life…Episode 15

The Story of My Life….

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…..Episode 15

As we all alighted, I kept turning from side to side, i could not risk being seen by someone who knows me or my parents.
One would have to look closely to recognize me though, because the make up and trousers made me look different entirely.

This part of the city was unfamiliar, i have never been here before. It was somewhere around Lekki road.
The building was large, and booming with activities.
It is one of the numerous places to have fun in Lagos. A really magnificent building, containing a cinema hall, hallmark supermarket, a gaming center, and different fast food joints.

I was quite excited to be here, I knew i would have fun without doubt, but what would happen afterwards, I wasn’t sure. We made our way into a section of the plaza, it was a fast food segment.
We occupied a table for four.

Matthew and I sat side by side, facing Hannah and Joseph. A waiter came around, and we made our orders.
I waited patiently for everyone to make their orders first, I wanted to be last because I had no idea what to order. I was quite lost. I have not eaten at a fast food before.

The orders came eventually, i had a plate of fried rice and chicken with five alive.
Hannah ordered the same, but with a bottle of smirnoff ice. The guys opted for local dishes.

Joseph requested for a bottle of coke, while Matthew took a can of lacasera. As we ate, we discussed various topics. I was starting to feel a little more comfortable.
Joseph dominated the conversation, he spoke quite fondly of his university and NYSC days.
He was a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University. He wasn’t shy about admitting that he was a “rugged” man in school.
I became a little scared of him. For once i noticed his “rugged” appearance. His red eyes and dark lips gave me the impression that he is a smoker.

I stole a quick glance at Hannah, she had been actively involved in the conversation, asking questions and laughing when there’s nothing funny.
She didn’t seem scared of Joseph as i was. But I could tell from the conversation that both of them had only met today!
Occasionally, Joseph would run his hands through Hannah’s lap. She would simply look at him and give a smile of approval.

I was irritated every time i saw this, this i really chose this kinda lady as friend?, they were in public for crying out loud. It made Hannah look like a prostitute. But she didn’t mind.
My displeasure was written all over my face. Joseph must have noticed this as he turned attention to me.

“So Ruth, how old are you?”
” I’m 16,”
“Ah! you are a big girl nau, just relax and enjoy yourself okay? There’s money to be spent. You ll go home loaded”
As soon as he mentioned money, Hannah gave him a peck. I started wondering, is it all about the money?

If she will let him do those nasty things because of money, does that not make her a prostitute? And what about me?
I turned my attention to Matthew, he seemed quite indifferent. He took my hand and told me to relax.
We finished our meal, and Joseph took care of the bills and we headed out of the restaurant. We took the stairs upwards, and entered hallmark. The entire complex fascinated me.

The store offered all kinds of consumer items, there was a lot to desire. I stood for a while, looking round and round. Not knowing exactly what I was supposed to do.
Joseph and Hannah walked towards a different direction, out of sight.

Matthew put his hands around my waist, and pulled me forward as we continued walking. I felt special, but I was still a little shy. I wasn’t used to such public display of affection.
“So what will you like to buy?” Matthew asked, pulling me closer to himself.
I wasn’t sure what i wanted, i have not been out shopping before. My mum buys everything i need.
“Thanks, but i don’t think i want anything, I’m okay” i replied politely

“Oh come on, i have to buy something for you today, something to prove how much i love and adore you”
Seeing he wasn’t going to give up, I looked around the section we were standing in, trying to pick out anything that may interest me.
“There,” I said, pointing towards a glass shelf containing wrist watches.
We both walked towards the shelf.

There were different brands of wrist watches carefully arranged, with price tags on them. I examined each price tag carefully, the cheapest was #4500.
I looked up at Matthew, and shook my head, indicating that i didn’t want the wrist watch anymore. I thought they were too expensive to buy.
“What?” Matthew asked with a puzzling look on his face
“They are too expensive” i replied
“Oh, don’t worry about the price baby, i can do anything for you, even if it means paying with my life”
I blushed a little and thanked him, his words made me fall in love with him more.
I pointed at the cheapest wrist watch, he open the shelf and brought it out.

To be continued…..

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