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Story: The Story of My Life…Episode 41

The Story of My Life

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……Episode 41

I spoke calmly to Folorunsho, and tried to explain to him that I was not a party to the entire arrangement, in fact I was not into that kind
or ‘runs’. My pleading and explanation fell on dead ears.

As I approached the door, he ran towards me, grabbed me and threw me towards the bed. I knew what was going to happen next, I wasn’t ready to allow it happen to me. My frustration turned into rage. I swore to protect myself with any means possible. I grabbed the bottle of wine he left on the stool, emptied its content on the floor and smashed it.

“If you come close to me I will kill you” I said with a stern voice. Pointing the broken piece of the bottle towards him. He could sense the anger in my voice, he knew I was serious. I would have stabbed him to death if he came close.

He reached for his phone in his pocket and dialed a number.
“Come to my room now, I don’t understand what is happening” he barked at the person at the other end of the call.
Few minutes later, the door opened, Sarah walked into the room, with only a piece of clothe tied round her chest. She was taken
aback when she saw me holding the piece of broken bottle.

“Ruth what are you doing?” she asked, with shock on her face.
I made no attempt to answer her question, the door was open, Folorunsho was standing away from it. I put the fragment down and walked out of the room in a hurry. Sarah ran after me, and held my bag in an attempt to stop me.
“Ruth wait, why are still acting like a small girl? Just allow him do his thing, I will settle you well. It’s me, you owe me this ” Sarah

“What do you take of me, you feel you can sell me off like a prostitute? Well I don’t live an immoral and ungodly life like you. ” I shouted
angrily. Sarah‘s countenance changed immediately.

“Hey, holy girl. You were sleeping with a man throughout the night yesterday, and today you have the guts to call me immoral? What
is the difference between me and you? Abi your virginity don grow back? Holy ashawo ”

She had barely finished when my hand landed on her cheeks. She reciprocated the gesture without prior hesitation. My anger
overwhelmed me, and a fist fight ensued. I tore the wrapper off her body, leaving her Unclad and exposed. She fought on like a
shameless prostitute, not minding the small crowd that had began to gather.

Someone pulled us apart, i couldn’t recognize who it was. Sarah was busy covering her body, while I culled up on the floor crying. A
feeling of regret surged through me, what i really regretted the most was selecting the wrong kind of friend who has molested my destiny and turned me into what i was not, the way of life I’d been living all because I wanted to enjoy my freedom and to find true love which i never lost. It was then I understood the true fact that my parent loved me the most but their approach was rather harsh but i was so foolish to have noticed that, I felt wasted.

To Be Continued….

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