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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 3

Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 3

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 3

Abigail sat on the dining chair at the rare end of the restaurant. The tables were covered with a mixture of wine & red table cloths, and lit candles on them. The lights were dim making the restaurant more romantic.

She’d chosen the far end of the restaurant not to be easily noticed or recognized by the people she knew. She’d been forced to go out on a date with James. Her dad had warned to disinherit her if she didn’t do has he has said. Now she had no other option than to comply to his wish. She was surely going to pay the old man back. But how?

She sighed, relaxing on the chair. She hadn’t ordered anything. She just have to wait for James, then he’d order and the rest. She silently prayed he wouldn’t come. He must hate her too, after the way she’s treated him years back he never spoke to her. She was happy about that. He would say no, then they can explain to their parents the date was a disaster. She smiled to herself.

She stretched her arm and glanced at her wrist-watch. It was 7:20 P.M. She let out a breath. She was lightly sad and very happy at the same time. Sad because she really wanted to see him, curious of what he’d look like now. Why should she even care? She scoffed. She was happy because the date wouldn’t work out as planned, she’d never get to marry her worst enemy-James.

Abigail searched her bag, dug out her cell phone and called her father.

“Dad, I’m coming home.”

“This early? What did you do?”

Huh! So, I’m always wrong? He can’t do anything wrong?
“He hasn’t arrived. I guess he doesn’t wanna see my face.” she smirked, her father couldn’t sense that.

“I talked with Chief Benjamin and he assured me that his son will be there.”

“He changed his mind. See you at home.”
She hung up and smiled mischievously. Without looking up, she quickly got hold of her bag, opened it and brought a notepad and a pen. She scribbled something down:

I waited and waited and waited.
I lost my patience.

She grinned at the words she wrote. Tore the sheet out, and placed it on the table. She turned to leave, as she did, she crashed into someone-a man. The accident sent her cell crashing on the floor with full force. Infuriated, she raised her eyes to see the idiot that had ruined her cell phone. He had brown spiky hair, a hard, slender, muscular face. His eyebrows were bushy and thick. His sparkling hazel eyes, penetrating her. His nose was firm and pointed. His lips- pink, full and dry. His chin- strong.

He was lean and tall about 6 feet, 3 inches. His muscular chest and body covered with a black jacket and his feet with an heavy shoe. He looked devastatingly handsome. He smiled at her revealing a white, perfect set of teeth. He offered his big right hand for a handshake.

Oh, his smile was breathtaking.

Abigail stood, watching him.

“Oh God! I’m gong to be late!” James cursed as he rode his Car on the highway, he was on his way to ‘Golden’ restaurant where he’d meet Abigail after 18 years. He wondered how she’d look like- beautiful, maybe. He hoped her manners had changed. The mood he was in now, he could strangle anyone who’d make him more upset. He thought of how she’d view him- he was late on their first date. It’d surely give her more reasons to spite him.

He had never wanted to go, he had almost sneaked out of the house. But his dad had a heart attack. Chief Benjamin pleaded with him to obey his wish. Grudgingly, James had to get dressed to meet Abigail after calling the doctor and asking the servants to take care of him.

James had no idea if he was on spell or not. How could his father get cardiac arrest on the very night he’d have escaped being with Abigail? He never knew if the old man was faking it but he had to obey because his dad’s health is at risk and he doesn’t pray to lose him yet.

James finally arrived at the restaurant. He parked his car, jumped down, and walked briskly into it. He wasn’t sure how she looked, he didn’t care. He hoped she’d hate him and it’d be all over. As he got to the entrance, he made enquiries from a waiter, as he did, he spotted a lady at the far end of the restaurant.

She had long brown hair that fell past her shoulders. She had a high forehead, a soft and oval face. Her brows were tick and arched. Her silver eyes danced with mischief. She had an aquiline nose, thin lips that were painted red.

Her slender body covered with a black sleeveless gown, stopping at her knee level. She wore a black wedge to match.

She was scribbling something down. When she was done, she read it. Seeing the evil smile playing on her lips, James knew that was Abigail. She was about leaving? Hell no! He excused himself from the waiter and dashed off to her. He hadn’t been careful, he didn’t notice her moving. He stumbled into her.

To Be Continued….

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