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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 95

Haunted by my Past Mistake….

Haunted by my Past Mistake....Click Here For Episode 94

Episode 95

The wooden door flung open, without a knock. That sent Victoria’s dad head upwards, towards the direction of the door. He frowned. He hated being rudely interrupted. He got ready to lash the offender with angry words.

A female figure bounced in.

The frown on his face soon disappeared and was replaced with a look of amazement and worry. What was she doing here? She just busted in. It was strange of her to do that. She looked worried and nervous. She rarely visits him at work – only when there was trouble. He stood up hastily.

“What is wrong? Are you okay?” he inquired, pushing himself to meet her.

Victoria lazily staggered towards her dad. She had just been humiliated – the worst ever. It had never happened, ever. She’d played the fool, pleading for a man to have affection for her. Her emotions propelled her to act that way, she wasn’t thinking straight. That was that, nothing could be done about it. All she needed at that instant was comfort. Comfort from the only person she knew loved her, cared for her and was willing to risk anything for her safety and happiness. That one person was her Dad.

He warmly welcomed his daughter into his arms. He held her affectionately, gently giving her pats at intervals on her back. She was sobbing, this time. He had no idea what was bothering her, what put her in that situation and made her cry. It was what he could not comprehend at that instance; however, he was willing to bring her comfort, consolation and soother her. He was ready to do away with all negative feelings surging through her.

“Calm down, my darling, calm down,” he spoke calmly, hoping it’d take some of her anxiety away.

Victoria was not able to bottle up what she felt anymore. It took her by surprise when she broke into tears in her father’s arms – she was hardly moved to tears. It felt nice expressing her innermost feelings that way. She tried to control it, tried to stop the tears from falling. They didn’t relent, it kept running down her cheeks more and more; especially as she recalled how James walked out on her. He took no pity. He didn’t feel sorry for her. Neither did he endeavor to understand her feelings. Her viewed her as a pathetic human being.

What wrong had she done just to need someone like she’d never done before? The most shameful part of the scenario was the fact that James had his house servants throw her out of the house. It was simply unbelievable. She was treated like a commoner, a nobody. They dare laid their disgusting hands on her. It was a pitiable situation.

Victoria’s sobbing increased to the next level as those events invaded her thoughts. She wondered why James had deemed her fit to receive such cheeky treatment. She was filled with despair, anger and grief. Despair towards having any lasting relationship with James or any other man. Anger towards James for abandoning her and treating her like unwanted garbage. Grieving herself, her loss for not being his Abigail. She hadn’t got what she needed.

“Victoria,” Her dad whispered.

damn it! she thought. Why did he have to call her that? She wants to be called Abigail, not Victoria. Wouldn’t anyone just listen and grant her request? Was it that difficult?

“Father,” she croaked, “Is anything wrong with me?”

“I don’t understand you, my dear,” He replied Victoria, confused.

“Why do men reject me? I’m not called Abigail, is that the reason?” she asked, clinging unto her father.

There was something definitely going on with Victoria. Why was she suddenly obsessed with that name? And who on earth was the guy that rejected her? What was happening in her life? “

My love, no guy rejected you. Her dad responded.

You’re soon to be married to James, right?” he smiled, there was warmth in his voice. He wanted her to feel it.

“Hell no! He’s not!” Victoria screamed, breaking free from her father’s grip. She held his gaze, “I’m not getting married to him.”

“What? What is it you’re saying? I saw your engagement ring, you…” he sighed, coming his hair with a hand.

“You showed it to me. He can’t end things with you.”

“I lied,” Victoria bluntly confessed, looking away.

Her dad found her revelation shocking and incomprehensible. What did she mean by that? The whole thing was a lie?

Was that why James never made it to dinner? Who lies about being engaged to a man? He couldn’t believe his daughter had turned into a liar.

A tap on his door dragged him out of his thinking. He turned to it. He stared curiously at the two men standing by it. He was in no mood for any troubles. “Yes?”

“There’s an urgent matter at hand,” Detective Moses reported.

Watch-out for the urgent matter to be discussed in the next episode.

To Be Continued…

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