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Story: The Devil’s Proposal…. Episode 10 – Final Episode (By Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola)

The Devil’s Proposal (By Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola)

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Devils Proposal

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Episode 10 (Final Episode)

I stood up from my bed in excitement. Zack was still sleeping, well covered in a white duvet. I pecked his forehead and tied my robe.

As I slipped into my slippers and opened the door, I bumped into Zoe who was shaking with excitement.

‘Mum’ she called out smiling

‘Zoe’ I called her too, wondering what had happened

‘God is real!’ she exclaimed and I threw my head back in assurance of that fact.

‘Sure he is!’

‘Mummy, he is really really really really real!’ she exclaimed, falling on her knees with tears on her face.

‘Ok daughter, what happened?’ I asked as we sat on a couch.

‘Mum, you can’t believe it.’

‘What? You saw a vision?’ I asked and her mouth was suspended with her mouth widened.

‘Mum, how did you know?’ she asked, obviously perturbed

‘I asked God to help me show you a vision’ I replied.

I suddenly woke up in the midnight and heard Zoe praying really hard. I knelt down too and prayed on my own when God showed me a vision about Zoe. It was too beautiful that I asked God to confirm its beauty by showing it to her herself.

How can answers to prayer be that immediate?

‘Really? So, it’s possible? That I ask God to show someone else a vision I had just seen?’ she asked, naivety written all over her face

‘Yes darling. Very much possible. God’s word says, command me concerning the works of my hands and it shall be established’ I said and she nodded

‘I see. God told me the name of my husband. Did he tell you too?’ she asked and I smiled broadly.

‘Yes He did’ I replied and her eyes broadened

‘One two go, lets chorus it together’ she said and whistled with her mouth

‘Sam!’ we echoed together and though I trusted God’s mighty power, I couldn’t fathom what just happened.

God is real!

We just don’t exercise God’s powers as Christians

He is ready to tell us anything, any secret, any solution- just about anything!

‘Did God show you any other thing?’ she asked and I looked up, trying to remember. I shook my head.

‘No. He did to you?’ I asked and she nodded, but her face was downcast

‘What?’ I asked again and she looked up, obviously confused and somewhat dejected

‘The person was also my crush and you just taught me that a crush would always crush its crushee. So, I am confused’ she said and I sighed

Holy Spirit, what should I say now?

‘Zoe, erm… that was why I added that ‘most time’ if you can remember vividly. Its not every time that your crush crushes you. Sometimes God might be behind the crush as long as it’s clean’ I tried to rectify my words

‘Oww, so it could be true really?’ she asked excitedly and I watched on

‘Who did you see? Who is Sam?’ I asked and she looked at me, surprised

‘Mummy, my Sam!’ she exclaimed, tugging at my shoulder and I tried and tried to remember to no avail! She looked disappointed

The doorbell rang.

We looked at each other

‘Who is there?’ I asked as I picked the receiver

‘Madam, na one guy dey ask for aunty o’ The gateman said

‘What’s his name?’ I asked

‘Oga, what’s your name?’
the driver seemed to be asking.

This guy doesn’t just know his job at all!

Get all details before putting the call through to the main building but he won’t listen.

‘Ma, this is Sam Anjolaoluwa’ I heard a very distinct gritty voice and my hands went numb

‘Sam?’ I screamed

‘Sam?’ Zoe asked, eyes widened

‘Yes ma.’

‘Please come in’ I said hurriedly and dropped the receiver.

I went close to Zoe and held her shoulder, trying so hard to catch my breath.

‘Sam Anjolaoluwa….does it ring a bell?’ I asked and she stood up

‘Mum, is he the one at the door?’ she asked anxiously

‘That was what I heard. You know him? ’ I asked

‘Jesus!’ she exclaimed and ran up the stairs excitedly. I tried to remember what name that was but no!

The only Anjolaoluwa family that I knew didn’t have a Sam.

Or, did it?

There was a knock at the door.

I stood up and walked to the door to open when I heard my daughter whispering.

‘Mum, wait! Don’t open yet’

I was shocked as I saw her dressed in long purple royal floral gown, her hair packed into a pony tail with different hairclips arranged in it.

‘Jesus Christ! What is this?’ I asked almost disgustingly.

She looked surprised

‘It’s not nice?’ she asked

‘See, the powder on your face can be enough to make a piece of buns if it were flour’ I exaggerated and she chuckled as I quickly reduced it with the shawl on my neck.

‘And I don’t know the meaning of these clips when you are not a baby.’ I added, about to remove it when she moved away

‘I like them that way’ she said and I shrugged

‘That’s your own wahala’ I said and the knock sounded again

‘I am coming’ I responded as if I was so far away

‘Ready?’ I whispered. Zoe ran back upstairs and gave me a thumbs up.

I opened the door and there in front of me was the most handsome young man I had ever seen.

‘Good morning dear’ I greeted and he prostrated flatly

I smiled.

‘You are welcome my son.’ I said as I gave offered him a seat.

‘Thank you ma’ he responded as he sat down. I sat down too.

‘This face looks familiar. Your name sounds familiar too’ I started.

‘Mummy, you can’t recognize me?’ he asked beautifully.
‘No I can’t’ The more I tried to figure it out, the more I became confused.

‘Ok ma. I will tell you ma.’ he said calmly. He adjusted his tie and took of his suit.

He felt really at home.
I love that!

‘You taught Zoe and I about saying no to the Devil’s Proposal!’ He smiled and his face glowed.
My understanding became clear.

My daughter’s first crush ever!
Jesus Christ!

‘Am I for real?’ I asked ti be sure.

He smiled

‘I came to say hello to Zoe. Its been years’

‘Lizzy’s child?’ I asked again. I wasn’t out if my shock already.

I tried hard to calm down but I couldn’t.

‘What the…! Who am I saying in my house… Just like that?’ I heard Zoe’s voice as she descended the stairs.

What an actress!… Naughty girl!

Sam smiled broadly and stood up. Then, he looked aghast suddenly.

‘The clips!’ he exclaimed and I looked up at the drama.

‘Yep! As if I knew you were going to be around. I kept the clips’ Zoe responded like a little ballet dancer.

Sam looked astounded with a ‘I dont understand what you are saying’ look on his face.

This girl is a bebeto!

Even if he gave her clips as souvenirs saying till we meet again, should she have brought them all out like that?…. Ugh!…. Really bad actress!

‘Zoe, you look bigger now but you look more matured and beautiful’ he said as he sat down.

I blushed as if I was the one being complimented.

‘And you are as cold as ever’ my baby responded and I felt like spanking her.

Who talks that way!… This girl needs grooming.

Sam laughed so well that I wondered why
‘You have always loved the cold Sam, shae?’
Zoe’s face changed a bit.

‘For your mind’ She responded. Sam laughed again

‘So, why the clips?’ he asked and obviously infuriated and disappointed, Zoe started to remove the clips.

Sam looked at me and smiled.
‘I am sorry that you are seeing this ma’am. Zoe is a still a baby… I just came around to ensure that she was fine. I would live to be on my way’

Just like that?
Nawa o
I could feel the jab at Zoe’s heart as Sam walked to the door.

‘Say me well to Blossom o. Tell her my geke woyld be as high as a mountain when I attend her wedding next month.’ I said, trying to liven the whole atmosphere.

‘I will ma. Her egusi has made me to take marriage prayers seriously too o. Her husband go enjoy am wella’ he said and I looked back at Zoe who wore a very fake smile.

‘Alright bye ma’ he said
‘Bye my dear’ I replied as I closed the door.

As I turned to go away, there was a knock at the doir and I opened it.

It was Sam again!

He beamed a smile.

…. And entered.
He went to sit before Zoe and chuckled.

‘Were you going to miss me that bad that you are crying? ‘ he asked and Zoe tried to clean her face. She chuckled loudly

‘ You sure are a proud boy! Cry?… For you?… Gosh!… I lived years without you bro. Please, wake up!’ she said so courageously that I looked perturbed.

Ladies sha!

Sam clapped loudly with smiles in his face.

‘So, whats with the tears on your face now?’ he asked.

Well, thats none of your own business!’ she replied sharoly obviously caught!

Sam smiled.

‘Sweet Zoe, I kbow you too well and its cute that you haven’t changed much. I need you to tell me something sincerely. Would you?’ he asked with a serious face. Zoe looked away.
‘Excuse me. I want to go and attend to my husband.’ I said and left the sitting room.
I hid behind the curtains. Its not nice to leave a spinster nmabd a bachelor together in a room-its blood that rund through their veins, not petrol!

So, I watched…

‘Ask’ Zoe replied curtly. Sam smiled again. Good boy!

Go for your girl!

‘Did you miss me?’ he asked and my heart twingled.

Zoe is caught!

Zoe looked at him with a straight face, trying so hard to cover her embarrassment.

Sam smiled

‘Yes or no? ‘ he asked again and Zoe blushed.

‘I did.’ she said silently.

Sam looked happy, jumped up and banged the wall.

‘I said it! I knew she would miss me. I said it!’ he jumped up.

I smiled.
But Zoe looked unmoved.
What’s wrong with this girl?

Sam went on his knees and smiled happily.

‘Please Zoe, God is saying its you. The clips confirmed it to me when I came. Would you marry me? Please’ he asked

I looked at her expectantly.
Answer dear…. Say yes!

Just like a devil possessed witch, Zoe jumped up and pulled at Sam.

‘Why did it take you so long? Why Sam?’ She started the attack and my brain got busted.

This girl wont kill me!
What an embarrassment!

‘I am sorry. I just summoned courage’ he said, still smiling as Zoe still tugged at him

‘I almost said yes to the Devil’s Proposal. I almost did. You almost came late’ she cried.

‘But God is never too late. He never is, Zoe’

Zoe pulled at him the more and I ran inside the sitting room to save the poor boy.

She left his collar and jumped at me.

‘Mummy, God is good. It’s Sam!…Hallelujah!’ she screamed.

Sam stood up beaming with smiles.
‘Mum, she hasn’t even given her answer yet’ he said.

I’ve never seen
I’ve never seen
Wonder wonder
Wonder wonder
This God nawa o
This God nawa ya o
This God nawa o
This God nawa ya o
I’ve never seen
I’ve never seen
Wonder wonder
Wonder wonder!

Zoe sang wholeheartedly and we both joined in the worship, as we knelt down to pray.

I looked at Zoe as tears cascaded down her face in humble adoration.

Thank you Jesus!

The devil’s butt has been kicked!

Oh yes!


The End! Thanks for your time



Lets learn to say ‘no’ to the Devil’s Proposal and say ‘yes’ to God!

Its not by power nor by might but by my spirit says the Lord.

God bless you. Amen


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Writer’s Facebook ID: Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola

Author: Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola

I am Lizzy but you can call me Lizziefreezie.

Writing stories that would touch you, inspire you, make you cry, laugh and which in summary draw you into their own world is all I crave to do.

I am a graduate of one of the prestigious private universities in Nigeria- Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria.

I can act different roles in dramas and you would see me on your screens soon…*smiles* I love to teach and re-model lives of the youths through His grace; I am also good at catering services- for your parties and occasion; I love to present programmes, advertise, sing, write and of course, PRAY!

I would love to meet you all as your lives are being touched for the better.

You are welcome to my world!!!


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  6. Indeed you are a blessing to our generation, More grace and strength to your elbows. I learnt alot.

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