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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 30

Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 30

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 30

“Abigail, how was your date?” Mrs Esther asked, flashing a smile.

Abigail forced a smile. “It was great mama.”

“Can we talk about it?” Mrs. Esther pleaded.

“I really can’t, mum.” Abigail gave an apologetic smile. “I wanna have my bath and rest. I promise to tell you about it tomorrow.”

“Promise?” Her mum repeated.


Mrs. Esther opened her arms and Abigail entered them. She clasped her hands round her daughter tightly. “Good night.”
Outside the premises of the Jacob’s the man who had introduced himself as David sat on the bonnet of his car. He didn’t want to leave just yet. That woman, the woman he followed was very familiar. He had perceived her scent in the crowd at the restaurant. A man held her hand, making it easier for them to pass through. He followed them quietly. When he had passed through the crowd, he got a clearer view of her. She was definitely the woman he had been searching for, for nine years. He felt jealous seeing her with a man.

Who was that man? It didn’t look like they were on a business date, they dressed casually. She was never to be with a man. He was the only man than deserved her. He’d make himself known to her. Soon. Very soon.

David heard the flowers rustling. It was a cool night, but the wind wasn’t blowing. The rustling continued. Could that be a wild animal or a thief? His eyes focused on the flowers, where the rustling sound came from. He caught a glimpse of a cloth. A man was there. He jumped down from the car and quietly opened the door of his car. He brought out a shotgun. He closed the door and tiptoed to the flowers. He stood erect and stretched out his hands with the gun in them. He placed a finger on the trigger.
“Come out now!” he command.

For some seconds, there was not a single sound. The man he thought was there remained silent. He remained still.

“I’m going to pull the trigger,” David warned.
Abigail moved quickly towards her room. She got to the door, opening it with her keys. Her hands were trembling. She struggled to unlock the door after about thirty seconds. She pushed it open, got in and bolted the door. She flung her purse on her bed and faced her pink drawers. Quietly, she got on  and drew the last drawer open.

There were lots of notepad in it. She dug her hands into it and began scattering them. It had to be in here. She wanted to confirm it. She prayed silently to be wrong, very wrong. It shouldn’t be happening.

The man outside, David. That name rang a bell, no wonder he looked to familiar. She had seen him somewhere, but where? He said he was searching for a girl named Deborah. Deborah? How did he get to know of that name? Was there another Debora? No one in her neighbourhood was known by that name. He must have followed her home. Yes, he must have. damn!

As she thought more, her hands raked through the notepad fiercely. Determination led her into this. She had to be sure. Please, let it be a coincidence, she prayed fervently. It should be. Deborah? David? She had been the only one who….

This was it. She finally found it. The notepad. It looked so old and worn out. Ever since that day, she’d never opened it nor brought it out. She’d hidden it deep down, hoping to shut it out of her life forever. Never to be called to mind. And right now, it had to be opened. Memories of her past, that day, flooded into her head.
16th July, 2005.
David wasn’t sure if he was doing the right thing. It had to be. The gun was still pointed at the person he assumed to be a man. What if he wasn’t alone? His gang had to hiding somewhere. Were they for a robbery or kidnapping? Was it Deborah they wanted or her parents? Did she even have parents? He had to stop thinking and focus on what he’s about to do. They might outnumber him, but he wasn’t bothered. He’s a good fighter and an expert in handling guns. He was gonna have some advantages over them. He was surely going to protect his Deborah. He can’t lose her, a second time.
“I’m pulling the trigger,” he announced.

Terrified, the person got off the flowers and stood to face him. OMG! ‘It was a woman!

Who is the person?

To Be Continued…

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