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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 32

Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 32

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 32

“Go on. Carry out your threat.” she insisted. Deep within her, she was quivering.

David inhaled deeply. “Are you alone?”

She smiled. “Yeah.”

Quickly, David lowered the gun, dipped it at the back of his trousers, probably at the waist. He reached out for her hand and started dragging her.

She hit his hand hard.

He immediately stopped and looked thunderously at her. “What is the meaning of what you just did?”

She returned his glare with cold eyes. “Let me go!” She almost screamed.

He tightened his hold on her, flung her to his side and placed his left palm over her mouth. “You realize we are in front of someone’s house?” he rhetorically asked in a harsh tone. “Don’t forget I have a deadly weapon here and will be forced to use it if I want to.” He warned her.

She fought within his grip. Trying to prove stubborn.

He released her mouth.

She gasped. “Who are you? Let me go!”

David only chuckled. He buried his left hand at the back of his trousers and pulled something out. He placed the object on her hips.

She stiffened feeling the gun on her.

“Ready to cooperate?”

Her head moved up and down.

He smiled wickedly. “That’s it girl. Move.”

Victoria obediently moved. She wasn’t ready to die yet. Her legs moved till she was at his car.

“Get in!” David commanded.

“What?” She asked.

“Don’t let me use this on you!” his eyes were filled with fury.

She’d had enough. If he wants to shoot her, he’d better do it. Who was he to order her around? It angered her a lot. Was this how James felt when she ordered him? This wasn’t the time to think about him, he dumped her. It was time to deal with this intimidating man. “I am not going to do that! I have my own car, in fact I drove it down here. I will ride it back home. Not going anywhere with you.” she protested fiercely.

David eyes darkened. “Don’t try my patience.” He pointed the gun at her. “I’m going to sho-”

“Shoot me pleaseee!” She yelled, cutting in. “I’m tired of waiting for that. Do it!”

Victoria was one tough woman. She had given David the permission to kill her, what was he waiting for? David silently laughed. He wasn’t gonna kill her, he just used the pistol to threaten her, get her do as he says. Too bad, she wasn’t a lady one could control. She bravely opened up her feelings. Direct contrast of his Deborah. He smiled. “Alright, dear. You got me. Please get in. I’m not going to murder you. We’ll come for your car, later.”
Abigail sank into her bed. She let go of the notepad. It fell to the ground. Why now? Why? Not when she was beginning to feel happy, love her parents more and to love a non-member of her family. Things had began to fall into place. She placed her hands on her face and rolled.

Why did he have to come back? How did this happen? He was surely going to disturb her relationship with James. That night, David had told her he’d never forget her. Wasn’t he drunk? Oh my, God! I’m in trouble, she mused. Damn it! James would definitely stop trusting her. What if James finds out? She didn’t think he would, besides he never knew James. She’d deal with him her own way. No one was going to find out.

This time, she was gonna do the right thing. She wasn’t gonna make a fool out of herself. She wasn’t gonna let her parents, Chief and James down. She slowly closed her eyes.

How is she gonna achieve this?

To Be Continued…

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