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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 33

Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 33

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 33

The cops quickly climbed out of their car and went over to James. He surrendered to them. He unlocked the doors of the car. When they officers got to him one of them flung the door open.

“Can we see your licence?” One of them questioned. He was hefty. A very bushy mustache hung above his lips. He had little eyes. He wasn’t smiling.

James opened the glove compartment, took out his licence and handed it over to the cop that asked for it. He rested on his seat and placed his hand on his head.

James was all worried about his dad at that moment and not the cops right in front of him. Why should his dad do something like this? He kept it from his only son. Who does that? Why carry a burden, an overwhelming problem alone? Why? Why? He loved that man so much? After his mum had passed away, his father had always been there for him. He reminded him of his mother- whom he’d never forget. They were still healing and this happens? Life’s so unfair. It couldn’t even think about him, how he’d feel and handle the situation. God!

James was so engrossed in his thoughts and the challenges he was going to face. He didn’t realize that he had been dismissed. The first cop tapped him lightly. James was startled. He almost jumped out if the vehicle. The officers held on to him. They settled him in.

“I can see you’re not okay.” the small officer observed.

The other hefty one returned his licence to him. “Don’t drive when you’re not okay, Mr. James. Where are you headed?”

James pointed to his house. “I’m there already.”

“Good. Next time, listen to orders from the cops and don’t break the law. You might not get so fortunate next time.”

“Thank you.” James was delighted. He had never done what he just did and didn’t want to spend even a night in a cell. He really appreciated the fact that he was set free.

The officers nodded and moved back to their police car. Soon enough, the road was cleared for James. He started the car and safely drove to his father’s gate. On getting to the gate, he honked and it opened on its own. When he drove into the compound, he stopped the vehicle few inches away from the huge iron gate. He pushed the door open and jumped down.
“Hey! he called the security guard.

A young man of about thirty came, running out. He was dressed in a blue uniform and boots. He caught the key James threw in is direction. What to do with it, he knew it well.

James stomped out of his presence towards the mansion. On getting in, he briskly climbed the stairs. He met his father sitting on the arm chair and his eyes glued to the television in front of him. James walked over and stood, facing his father, obstructing his view.

Chief scanned James. The look on his face was sad and filled with anger at the same time. The last time he saw his son that way was when his wife passed away. What had happened this time around? Who was going to die or dead already? Was it Abigail? He got off immediately. “Son, what is the matter?” He hoped he was totally wrong.

James stared at him. He could not make a sound. This man was still going to die. He was going to leave him soon.

Now, Chief was starting to worry. His brows furrowed. “Talk to me, son.” he insisted James tell him what the problem was.

His fists clenched. “Father,” he decided he was going to take things slowly. “What are you hiding from me?”

“What? Hiding from you?” Chief was confused.

James wasn’t gonna fall for that.
“You are keeping something serious and very important from me.” He took a step forward. “Why did you have a heart attack? Why were you looking so sad today? I need answers!” James demanded firmly.

James? Was this the James he knew? His son? Why was he acting this way? Talking to his father that way? “Will you stop that? What is wrong with you? Are you drunk?” he shook his head. “I can see that you are not yourself. Go to bed, we’ll talk tomorrow.”
He began walking out of the living room.

James turned to watch his father. “Heart disease?” he blurted out.

Chief froze where he stood. His mouth dropped.

“Cardiovascular disease? Your heart has a permanent damage? It could lead to stroke and then death?”

Still where he was, tears slid down his cheeks. How did he find out? Chief wasn’t gonna let him know till he was married to Abigail. He had plans, he wanted to reveal it to him, himself. Chief slowly turned to face his son. He didn’t know where to start from.

To Be Continued…

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