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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 36

Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 36

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 36

Victoria had first been to a restaurant to have dinner all by herself. She’d seen James and the so-called Abigail. What did James see in her? She was so green with envy. How could James be so happy with another woman? And she, she’d been crying over him. The anger she felt pushed her to follow Abigail, as she trailed behind, a vehicle was ahead of her’s, it went the same direction as Abigail’s. And it belonged to this man who wouldn’t let her go. He too had followed Abigail, hadn’t he?

David poured the non-alcoholic drink into the two glasses. He pushed one forward. For the lady sitting before him. Nathaniel-the bar man had left already.
“Lets take things slowly. First thing first. I’m David.  And you are?”

She scoffed.

“Listen, I’m not going to harm you. If I was going to, I’d have one that a long time ago. Just be sincere and free with me.” David assured her.

Hmm. There could be no harm talking with this guy, she reasoned.
“Well, I’m Victoria.”

David broadly smiled. “Nice to meet you.”

“We didn’t meet under normal circumstances. What do you want me for.” She was trying to be at ease with him.

David took a very deep breath which lasted for several seconds. “What is your relationship with that woman?”

What was his business with that? Is he a cop or something? “I don’t know her. Simple.”

“I don’t believe you. You were spying on her. It’s possible you wanted to harm her.” All he needed at that moment was patience.

She folded her arms. “I was there for a reason.”

“I want that ‘reason’!”

Victoria wasn’t stupid. She was not going to let a complete stranger know that jealousy drove her there. That the woman is engaged to her ex boyfriend whom she loves dearly. It’ll make her feel rejected. “Don’t want to talk about it.”

“Come on. I could really use your help. I need to know.” David pleaded, his eyes joined the plea.

Victoria smiled in contentment. Now, this was the kind of attention she loved. For men to keep begging her, like she owned their lives. James never begged her. She was the one that always went back to him. She only told him what to do. Now that she had it, she should enjoy it. Enjoy it while it lasts. She unfolded her arms and placed them on the table. “I’m going to help you in one condition.”

David shot up a brow. This was good. She was ready to talk. “And that is?”

“You tell me your own side of the story. I saw that you followed her too. You are as guilty as I am. Then, you threatened me with a gun. What was all that for?” Victoria was getting the upper hand.

David had to surrender. He didn’t even know who she really was. “We have met before. ‘It was a long time ago. I followed to see if she could recognize me. I don’t think she did.”

“Where did you meet her? And how long was it?”

“This very place we are. Nine (9) years ago.”

Victoria eyes dilated with shock. “What? At a bar?” She looked at her surrounding with a treacherous smirk on her face. The virgin visits a bar like this? Yet she was acting so holy. James was gonna hear this. Her interest had intensified. She wanted to know more.

“At a bar.” She repeated herself. “Nine years. What do you care? She’d have forgotten you by now. Unless you two shared something?” Victoria was grinning now. Yeah, yeah. She wasn’t a virgin, but she was definitely not a liar.

“Its your turn.” David tried his possible best to ignore her rude question. He knew they almost shared something till she…. He frowned, didn’t like remembering that. “I’ve told you all I know.” That was a lie. A miserable one at that.

“Okay.” Victoria was going to answer him truthfully and find out more about this virgin. It’d so much interest James. “Like I said before, I don’t know her. I only got to hear about her when my boyfriend broke up with me just to marry her. They are engaged. Curiosity plus anger made me trail her, just to know more about the lady who had stolen what is mine.”

Not a single word did David believe. His Deborah engaged? That wasn’t possible. Had she changed that much? Nine years were enough to do that. Was it the man he was with her? Did she love him? NO! He had to stop that. She belongs only to him.
“What is her name?” David inquire further.

This man must be crazy. “How do you not know her name? You two -” Victoria sounded amazed

She hated the way David glared at her. She sighed. “Her name is ABIGAIL”

To Be Continued…..

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