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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 47

Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 47

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 47

Abigail trembled on hearing that voice. Did she even share a thing with this David? Why was he bent on ruining her life? No man could ever manipulate her like that, she wasn’t going to give him any pleasure of him troubling her. She was gonna deal with him. Let him know no man controls her life or tells her what to do. He wasn’t James or her father.
“Let go!” Abigail ordered. Her two hands gripped the sink tightly.

David hardened his hold on her waist. He gently sniffed in her scent. “Oh, how much I’ve longed for this touch. To feel you, to want you again. Oh, my Deborah. I’ve missed you so much. Why don’t you come back to me? I know how to treat you. Please.”

A word David uttered didn’t move her. She was used to men pleading with her-even his dad-so why should this one make any sense? She only met him once and it was one night. So why should she become his wife or be indebted to him forever? That was the biggest mistake of her life. He should be asking for forgiveness not asking to be with her again. He doesn’t feel guilty?

“Let me go! If you don’t release me right away, I’m gonna scream. Abigail threatened. What is a man doing in the ladies?” She rhetorically asked. “Let go!”

David couldn’t risk being caught. Not by any woman or man. He had to admit it – he’d prefer it if James walked in find them that way. It’d please him to watch the young couple fight especially when he’s the reason for it.

Satisfied with the scent of her, he freed and forcefully turned her to face him. He was much more powerful.

Abigail did all she could to fight him. She was scared at that moment, she thought he was gonna rape her. She never wanted to be a victim of rape. She’d rather die a virgin.

“What are you trying to do?” She asked immediately David turned her to face him. He was very close to her. She perceived his cologne which brought ugly images to her head. They reminded her of a past she’d forgotten. She hated him so much.

David chuckled wickedly. “Darling, we can’t talk here. I’m taking you out.”

Abigail was slightly relieved hearing he didn’t want to rape her. He was taking her out? But to where? Maybe he was scared. Didn’t want any woman to meet him there.

“You find it dangerous if you’re caught here with a woman against her will?” Abigail  laughed nervously.

“Shut up!” David took hold of her right hand and made to drag her out of the rest room.

Abigail violently resisted his hold.

“Where are you taking me?” her eyes blazing with anger.

“Keep your voice down. I want us to go out and talk in a more conducive environment.”

Abigail stubbornly shook her head.

“I’m not going anywhere with you. This is my engagement party. My fiance and brothers are waiting for me. I have to go join them.”

Hearing her call his cousin her fiance got him upset. He wanted to be her man, her everything and not that James. How could they even be related?

“I hope he comes and finds us this way.” David muttered.

Abigail glared at him.

“Where do we go to talk?” David demanded fiercely.

Abigail sighed. She too didn’t want James or anyone to find them that way.

“Lets go out, through the back door. We can stay under the trees close to the pool.” Abigail spoke out.

David smiled triumphantly.

“Lets move, my princess. We need to be extra careful, so as not to be seen by anybody.”

“What is it you want to talk about?” Abigail threw at him as soon as they were safe and out of earshot under the trees. It wasn’t easy getting out there. The many servants, they had to escape them all. Well, they made it. “And please, make it snappy.” She added. All she needed was to be with James and not an idiot.

David stared at her with love written in his eyes.

“Can’t you see I can’t forget you? You have always been in my head since that night. In my heart, you’ve always remained.”

“We never had a relationship. We never did anything. I wasn’t myself that night. I was drunk. All that happened, I regret deeply. It’s a wound that has healed. I don’t want to remember it anymore. You can’t have me. It’s not possible.” Abigail felt nothing but pity for him, but she wasn’t going to let her feelings control her.

“Do you really mean that?” David was crushed.

To Be Continued…

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