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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 58

Haunted by my Past Mistake….

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 58

James felt those butterfly sensations run through him. His heartbeat accelerated the moment Abigail kissed his hand. He gave a big grin as the words she said to him sank into his head. This was the woman for him, he was totally sure, the woman he wanted to spend eternity with.

“I should punish you for last night.” A smile filtered across his face.

“Punish?” Abigail repeated.

Those were not the words she wanted to hear and they were coming from James. She left his arms and faced him. Staring deep into his beautiful, hazel eyes. “I just said I care about you and you are thinking of punishing me? Please.”

The smile was replaced by an expressionless gaze. James tried his possible best not to laugh and not make any sign that’d make her notice. Deep within him, he felt like laughing at her. She took him seriously. He was gonna pay later on, he knew that.

“James, please,”

Abigail didn’t know why James was bringing punishment into this. What if the punishment was to call off the engagement? But he could never do that. Those eyes were unreadable, his gaze was stern.

“OK. I’ll explain. Abigail said.

David forcefully took me out there, then he said bad things about you. I was angry at him so, I slapped him on the face. He hurt me when he pressed his body against mine. It was frightening. He really-”

It was happening again. Abigail had been stopped from talking. James lips were all over hers, she in turn, responded. He pulled her closer, she clung to him, holding his neck.
“Damn it! David!” Victoria furiously screamed into her phone.

“Will you stop screaming?” David impatiently answered. “What is the problem?”

“You ask me what the problem is?” Victoria retorted, flaring up.

“We were discussing something really important and you walked out on me. Who does that? A sane person?” She angrily folded an arm.

David dragged in a breath before replying. “It was urgent. If I did not get it done today, I was going to lose it.”

Victoria snorted. “And what is more important than me?”

“It had to do with my business.” David voice was calm.

“Your business? Was that difficult to say before leaving?” Victoria shook her head miserably. If she didn’t take things easy, she might end up in a psychiatric hospital. She already felt like she was going insane.

“James is still out there with Abigail. I can feel it. What’s your plan? I can’t wait anymore. Victoria sounded disturbed.

I really can’t. Don’t want your virgin girl to have any more of him, I want him back!”

“Please, calm down and take things easy. I can’t disclose any of that to you on phone. We’ll meet up tomorrow and discuss in details.”

Tomorrow sounded like seven years. It was too far, just too far. “No! Tomorrow’s not convenient for me. Lets meet now! I’m sure you are done with that business of yours. Meet me at that bar!” Victoria demanded like she was his mother.

“Who are young give me orders? Gosh,” David sounded so irritated. “I can see why my cousin broke up with you, shit!”

The line went dead.

“How dare you! Hello? Hello?” Victoria pulled the phone from her ear. She looked at it and saw that the call had already been disconnected. She slammed her cell against the wall.

A call came in and she picked immediately

“Victoria, darling,” a voice said from the other end of the call.

“Hasn’t James arrived?”

“No, father,” Victoria tried to be calm. “Just called him, office duties. He’ll be here as soon as he’s done.”

“That’s great!” her dad replied excitedly. “Can’t wait to meet your fiance.”

Victoria groaned.
“Did you like your punishment?” James drawled, excitedly.

Abigail gazed at him dumbfounded. “You mean the kiss was the, my punishment?”

“Mmm-hmm.” He cackled with laughter.

“James! You scared me. You just wanted to tease me, right? Seriously?”

“You should have seen your face. You were about to cry. I should have taken a picture.” He was full of smiles.

“Is that so? You didn’t even listen to a word I said.” Abigail thought of what to do.

James continued laughing.

She grabbed the glass cup of wine James had earlier handed her and spilled the remaining content on his shirt.

“Serves you right.” She got off the chair and ran off.

“I’m coming for you,” James called after her.


To Be Continued…

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