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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 68

Haunted by my Past Mistake….

Haunted by my Past Mistake....


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Episode 68

“Even on your sick-bed, you are being unkind to me.” Victoria sounded in her best humble manner

James scoffed. “I am not sick. I am doing just fine. I want to be alone.” he emphasized on the last word.

Victoria let his hand drop to the bed. “I don’t trust you, I’m not leaving you alone. I am sure you are expecting your so-called virgin. I won’t give you that chance.” She stood her ground.

James sighed and faced the other side of the bed. How was he going to dismiss her? His vitality and strength was all gone. Thanks to whatever happened to him. Now he was confined to a bed in the hospital with a woman he’d made the mistake of ever dating.

“You want to be with her, don’t you?” Victoria broke into his thoughts.

She was talking about Abigail. She could know something. She had even threatened to do a terrible thing just to have him for herself. He could vividly remember that. Could she have a hand in Abigail’s not coming to visit him? Did she threaten her or do something terrible to her?

Now that this idea had struck him, he noticed that he hadn’t set his eyes on his cell phone. Gosh! He could have called her. He sighed sadly. His gaze met Victoria’s, there was concern, worry and sadness in her eyes. Were those feelings genuine? “Victoria, I’m sorry I treat you this way. I am not happy,” James confessed, “I’m here, unable to do anything. I really need to see Abigail, she could help me heal. Do you know where she could be?”

“You are asking the impossible,” she replied mockingly, “Your virgin and I aren’t friends. How could I know why she has not come visiting?”

James instantly looked sorry. “I’m sorry. I thought you cared about me.”

Gradually, he was going to fall for her, again.

“Baby, please don’t say that. I really do care about you.” Victoria pushed herself closer to him. Taking his right hand, she placed it on her chest, “Can you feel my heartbeat? It really beats for you.”

“If you really care about me, tell me where she is.”

Victoria rolled her eyes. “Honestly, I have no idea where she is. I have not even caught a glimpse of her after your engagement night.” She smiled to herself, recalling the events of that night.

“You must be very happy. She has disappeared. You think you’ve got me now?”

Victoria smiled triumphantly, “I don’t need her to disappear into thin air to have you. You were always mine and would continue to be mine. She must have figured that out and let us be. We are now alone, we’re meant to be.”

James managed a smile. “She has my heart. I love her very much. More than any woman I’ve dated or even slept with. She’s my choice.”

Pain. Anger Jealousy. Victoria got off the bed, dropping his hand. “And does she know you love her?”

“Of course she does.” James replied.

Victoria couldn’t take it anymore. The jealousy had seeped into her. Her hatred towards Abigail intensified. How could James do this to her? Even when she was nowhere to be found, she was still hurting her. Her anger almost drove her crazy. She had to get a hold of herself.

“James, you don’t have a heart. For the years we dated, for once, you never mentioned that word ‘love’ to me. When did you meet this girl? You’re really a bastard.”

“Victoria never cared about love,” James retorted calmly. “All you cared about was sleeping with me and having a companion. I regret falling for you and being your victim.”

“I can’t believe this. That’s not true. You knew my feelings, you knew I loved you.” Victoria felt dejected.

James tried sitting up and succeeded in doing so. He felt slight pains, though.

“I thought I knew, I was wrong.”

Jealousy and bitterness engulfed her like wildfire. “Well, I hope she dies wherever she is. I hope she is never found and rots in hell!” Victoria was panting heavily. She knew those words would hurt James just as it hurts when a bee stings someone.

“You b-….-”

“Hold it!” Doctor Caleb reprimanded James. He boldly moved towards the two parties, fiercely getting ready to draw the battle line. He smiled on seeing their angry faces. Watching people fight, yell at each other was what he loved doing and all that amused him. Yet, he wasn’t going to allow it this time. The victim was his patient and a very close friend, he wouldn’t let his hobby make him lose this one friend in a fight.

“James, you are not ready for all this fuss,” he looked at Victoria, “How did you get in here?”

She rolled her eyes and hissed.

Dr. Caleb shook his head pitiably, “Please leave, you are already causing my patient enough trouble and discomfort. Use the door,” he was firm.

“I’ll be back.” She walked out of the room.

“James, I’m disappointed in you. What sort of argument is that? You’re supposed to be resting and trying to get your memory back.”

James nodded sadly. “She just got me worked up.”

“Its okay,” Doctor Caleb replied with a grin.

“I can remember everything. I swear, I can.”

To Be Continued…

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