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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 77

Haunted by my Past Mistake….

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 77

“What are you going to do to me?” Abigail asked with a shaking voice.

“Nothing, yet my love,” David replied. “You have a very smooth skin despite the fact that you’ve been here for days.”

“Days?” Abigail repeated. He had drugged her, but how could she be unconscious for days. Did he keep drugging me? “What did you give to me?”

“Something strong, my love,” he couldn’t take his hands off her smooth skin. It was so alluring, he loved it. His desire intensified, but he was able to keep it in check. He’d patiently wait till she was ready. That was how much she loved her.

His touch was beginning to upset her. It was so irritating as his kiss. Abigail never wanted him to even lay a finger on her, still he was doing more than that. “Get your filthy hand off me! Do not touch me!”

“Sweetie,” David called calmly, “Don’t raise your voice. James might hear you,” he taunted, receiving dagger looks from Abigail.

“And he’s gonna come. He’ll rescue me. You’ll go to jail!”

David laughed out loudly to her amazement. “That’s never going to happen. James, lost his memory and doesn’t even remember you. I’m sure Victoria is by his side, taking your place, filling his heart with love and good cheer.”

Those words stabbed her heart. It pierced into her soul. James, lost his memory? How could that have happened? No, it was another of his lies. It wasn’t true. “You are not going to scare me with your lies. It won’t have any effect of me.”

“It will soon. Your James has another woman by his side. Please forget about him, you’ll just cause yourself more harm because he has already forgotten all about you. You don’t exist to him.”

Abigail refused to believe him. “Its not true. No matter how convincing you sound, I’ll never believe you. I’m not scared of you, I’m not scared of anything!”

“We shall see,” David turned his back on her and began walking out of the room. His footprints were left behind on the dust found everywhere in the room.

Abigail called after him, “We’ll definitely see! I’m not scared of you or anyone!”

David stopped. “But you are scared of loving anyone. You haven’t fully given your heart to him. I still have a chance.”

Before Abigail could open her mouth to reply, he disappeared from the room. She could hear his footsteps echoing. He left her to ponder over his last remarks. What he meant, it took a while for her to get to it. He was right, though. No matter how she wished he was wrong, he remained right.

She’d been afraid of ever loving anyone because of the way she’d known the opposite sex from her childhood. It was different this time. James was different from all the men she had met. Yet, she was not sure if she should love him or not. She was still afraid to love him or not. She was still afraid to love. On several occasions, she’d told him she cares about him and by her actions, she indicated feelings for him. Could it be love? Was he going to love her forever? Being hurt badly was what she could not bear to pass through. She doubted she’d ever survive the pains.

Tears streaked down her cheeks as she thought of James. He was probably hospitalized. His memory was gone? She suspected it had something to do with David. James was ill because of her. She recalled the pains she put him through and that even made her weep more. “I’m sorry, James,” she whispered, in between tears.

Abigail raised her face and for the first time, she got a clearer view of her environment and surroundings. Dust law over every surface like dirty snow, pristine dust layer. There was not a footprint anywhere except the ones left behind by David. Dust bunnies, the size of bowling balls tumbled across the floor boards, towards unseen settles. Free papers piled up to the letter box and cascaded all the way to the foot of the rough wooden stairs. Old bed cups lay on a coffee table thickly entrusted with dried up mould. Dust covered mirrors. Smell of mildew, stale-air filled the entire room. Air thick with dust, shafts of light bursting through gaps in the boarded up window. Light steaming through the gaps in the heavy velvet curtains. There was absolute silence, not even the hum of a refrigerator. She couldn’t even make a sound.

The only occupants in the house waved their webs between the spindles of the stair banisters and from the ceiling to the wall, she was now one of the occupants. Old cobwebs billowed in the draft.

She was certainly in an abandoned house. The entire room was scary and got her terrified. A shiver ran down her spine.

To Be Continued…

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