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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 80

Haunted by my Past Mistake….

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 80

Dr. Caleb lifted his hands up – a sign of surrender.

“We have to remain here,” James insisted.

“Why don’t you give us the reasons. Then we’ll decide whether to stay or not.” Detective Joshua propounded, seriously.

“I agree with him,” Dr. Caleb seconded.

James sighed. These men, he thought. “As you all know, the man who took Abigail-”

“Not took,” Detective Joshua interrupted. “He’s only as a suspect. We don’t have any vivid evidence nailing him to the crime,” he corrected James.

“Whatever you say,” James blurted out. “He always drinks and likes to party. I want us to keep an eye on him. I’ve got no way of tracking him down, this is only what I have in mind.”

“Can we discuss this elsewhere?” Doctor Caleb asked. He wasn’t comfortable at all in such a place. And as a doctor, it wasn’t good for his health and he’d never recommend a patient to such a place.

“Dang!” James exclaimed. “Just forget about what’s happening. Concentrate, remain focused and listen to all that I have to say.” James was not going to agree to leave that bar, that was where he was going to have that discussion and nothing was going to change that. Period!

“Alright, alright.” Dr. Caleb resigned, reluctantly.

“We’re gonna follow him. If he shows up, we’ll monitor his every move. He has to lead us to Abigail. I don’t really care about any evidence, I just want her, safe and sound. I know what David can do.”

“He suspects Victoria too,” Detective Joshua informed Caleb.

“Victoria?” Caleb questioned. “Oh, yeah. I saw her at the hospital today and we had a really nice conversation.”

“What did you talk about?” Detective Joshua was curious to know. The Victoria had showed up unannounced at Chief Benjamin’s mansion and James carried out a dirty game on her.

Dr. Caleb tilted his head to a different position in order to give his friends the full details of his encounter with Detective Joshua at the hospital. Then, his eyes caught a familiar female figure. She was with a man whom he was sure he had seen somewhere, but he couldn’t clearly recall.

“Holy cow,” he drew the attention of his buddies. “You need to see this.”

James and Detective Joshua turned to the direction of Dr. Caleb’s gaze. They saw what Caleb was seeing. Detective Joshua recognized the woman, but the man, he had never seen in his life. He had to be sure. He had to confirm. “

Who are they?”

“David and Victoria,” James answered before Caleb could. At that moment, he was much more convinced that David and Victoria were accomplices. They both kidnapped his beloved – Abigail.

When all three noticed that David and Victoria pointed at their direction without seeing them, they turned their gazed simultaneously and lowered their face caps; hiding their faces from the couple. Good thing that they had it on. It was James’s idea. Victoria and David walked past the three friends without even noticing them. The friends were glad that they were invisible to them.

James had mentioned to him the reason he suspects Victoria. Seeing her with the cousin and main suspect, he knew she had something to do with whatever happened to James’s fiancee. He had to help his friend. There was something really familiar about this David. That intrigued him and he wasn’t willing to share that information yet.

“James, you are right. What do we do now?” Dr. Caleb asked.

“Keep your voice down,” Detective Joshua cautioned.

“Quick, tell us all you know. I have an idea.”
“The doctor’s eyes are on us,” Victoria said, as she settled down on the chair she was offered. She was really in a haste to solve the problem with the doctor.

That really upset David. It was all her fault. If she hadn’t felt she had won and acted in a sassy manner, the doctor wouldn’t have confronted her. She was bringing up her problem. If he had his way, he would stay out and away from her. He had already gotten his Deborah. He whooshed in a breath.

“What exactly did he say?”

Victoria straightened up. “He said he’s aware that I…. no, not I, we kidnapped her and he’s watching us. His eye is actually on me.”

David grunted. “If you’ve not been flaunting the fact that you’d be his next fiancée, this wouldn’t have happened!”

Victoria shot him a warning look. “It my right! We were dating before her left me for that wench. I am no cause of this. It’s all her fault. She’s going to pay, she-”

“Enough!” David interrupted her abruptly. “It isn’t her fault men are after her and chose her over you. You are to blame. You don’t have him yet but you act like you do.

Leave Deborah out of this!”

To Be Continued…

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