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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 83

Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 83

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 83

“Yes,” Dr. Caleb said to his phone as he continued to scribble words on a white file on his table.

“Have a great day.” He took the phone off his ear and tapped the red button. That was Detective Joshua. He had informed Caleb that their plan was working and he should not forget to record any conversation he was going to have with Victoria or her accomplice if he meets with any of them.

Dr. Caleb did not think he needed that reminder. He was a grown man and not a baby. Besides that, he sure knows how to pull his own stunt. He always knew what to do. The telephone on his desk rang, interrupting his thoughts.


“Doctor, there’s a man here to see you.” the voice of a lady said over the receiver.

“Does he have an appointment?”

There was silence the next seconds that followed.

“No, he doesn’t.” the voice came again. “Sir, he’s a new face and strange.”

Dr. Caleb smiled to himself.
“I’ve got nothing serious doing and I’m bored. Let him in.”

He put down the receiver, switched on the recorder and composed himself; awaiting the presence of this new and strange face.
Detective Joshua quietly watched James as he furiously gripped the steering wheel and driving very fast. This wasn’t part of the plan but James had insisted they visit Abigail’s office. He had his way. No one could actually control James. The absence of his fiancée was really driving him crazy.

“Drive more slowly. I’m not prepared to die. Drop me off if you want to.”

James scowled.

“What exactly are we going to do there?” Detective Joshua questioned.

He sighed. “Anything.” He raked his hair with his right hand. “I remember she left all she had in her office the very day she was abducted. Abigail’s very good at keeping secrets and hiding things. She must have something that connects, something that relates. Just anything for her to know she was going to go through something like that.”

“Then she would have alerted you.”

“I just said she did not!”

“What kind of woman does that? She sees danger and keeps her mouth shut?”

“Abigail,” James solemnly answered.

The door flung open as Dr. Caleb has expected. A man walked in, confidently. His face was familiar and he had a smirk on.

“Welcome,” Dr. Caleb said in the most polite way he could, “Please make yourself comfortable.”

The young man nodded and immediately occupied a vacant chair which was on the opposite side of the doctor. He looked the doctor in the eye. He was very observant. This doctor had decided to pay an unexpected visit so much believed in himself. It must be part of his personality that he radiated – an aura of confidence.

“Good day, doctor,” he greeted with an expressionless tone.

Dr. Caleb smiled in return. His voice was all he needed to confirm who he really was.

“What can I do for you, Mr . . . ?”

“Let’s leave the introduction out of this,” he bluntly answered.

Dr. Caleb did not see that coming, he was going to be very careful with this guy. He was really smart, he couldn’t underestimate him; especially after seeing how he handled Detective Joshua the previous night.

“Alright, sir. What help can I offer?”

He pressed his palm against his face. “I’m seriously ill. Been ill for the past nine years.”

A frown creased Caleb’s handsome face,

“Have you been treating it?”

“Could it really be treated?” he shot at him.

“I guess so,” Caleb honestly replied. He was confused as well. Where was this man driving at? He wasn’t going to be so easy as Victoria. “The symptoms?”

David cleared his throat. “My heart begins racing for no good reason. It did that the very day I caught a glimpse of her. It hasn’t stopped racing for her. I always get nervous around her, but I try to keep my cool.” He paused, gazing at the doctor. “Shall I proceed?”

“Please, do,” Dr. Caleb urged him. His interest had been aroused.

“I searched for her nine years. I finally got to find her. But she was to be given way to another man. My heart lurched, it couldn’t bear to take it. It couldn’t bear to see the woman it beats for given away.” He paused again, allowing the words to sink into the doctor’s head.

“What exactly could be my problem?”

What was the Doctor’s response to David’s inquiry?

To Be Continued…

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