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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 84

Haunted by my Past Mistake….

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 84

Dr. Caleb chuckled. He needed no sorcerer to tell him that the gentleman seated before him was David. The cousin of his dear friend – James.

“Your story is a captivating one indeed. I am not specialized in psychology, but I can offer some assistance.”

David smiled widely. “I do need that.”

“You say for over nine years, you couldn’t let go of her?”

“Not me, my heart,” David corrected.

“Oh, your heart. Does the woman in question have the same feelings as your heart does?” Doctor Caleb asked.

“I do not think so. She chose a different man. She is confused. Incapable of loving any man.”

“Is she happy with this man?”

“I mentioned that she’s incapable of loving.”

“Does it mean she can’t be happy with whoever she choose to be with?”

“That’s the problem,” David quickly remarked. “She’s making a poor decision. She can’t be with any other man. I am the only one that can make her happy and feel secure.” Now, he was going to hit the nail on the head. “The other man whom her parents are forcing her to marry isn’t worthy of her. He shouldn’t even be given the opportunity to see her or get close.”

This man must be definitely crazy, Dr. Caleb thought. The fact that he’s in love as he claims he is doesn’t mean he should badmouth James. He wished to cut his tongue off so he couldn’t utter any other word. He couldn’t, he just had to keep his calm.

“Did the woman agree to this?”

“Nope. I concluded.”

Dr. Caleb quietly did some calculations in his head. He sighed deeply. “I think I’ve gotten a diagnosis for your ‘strange’ illness.” He tapped his pen on his mahogany desk.

“You are completely besotted with this woman. That is why you seem to be making conclusions for her. Only she should do that. Under that love you say you have, its mixed with anger and hatred; for she chose a different man over you. It’s not complete love. You are a love-lorn. To relieve yourself of that pain, you do crazy things. What do you think?”
“Good day, Mr. James,” a young lady seated behind a desk greeted James as he and Detective Joshua stepped into the Chief Jacob’s Enterprise. She had a cheerful smile on her face.

James walked up to her. “Very well, sir,” she replied, still smiling.

“I believe Miss Abigail isn’t on seat,” said James, getting to the point.

“That’s right,” she concurred. “Its getting up to four days, presently. We have neither heard from her nor seen her. Her papa says she’s okay and he’s taking care of things now,” she explained further.

“Please, do not let Chief. Jacob know I was here.”

She nodded, willing to obey James. He was attractive to her and she never stopped smiling.

James smiled back at her, for the first time.

“I want to go up to Abigail’s office. Need to get some things. Are her things still in order?”

“They should be. No one goes up there without her consent. Just Ruth is permitted.”

“Thank you for the information.” James turned to Detective Joshua. “Lets go.”

“Ruth isn’t in….” the receptionist blurted out, it was too late. Mr. James and his friend already headed to the elevator.

“If I had the opportunity to be engaged to this man, I’d marry him immediately. I’m not going to give it a second thought. He’s so handsome; his voice is soothing and he’s rich,” she dreamily thought out loud. “I don’t know why Miss Abigail is delaying?” she concluded with a slight frown on her face and focused on her work.
“Did you notice that young lady undressing you with her beautiful eyes?” Detective Joshua asked James.

“Did something like that happen?” James threw at him.

Detective Joshua laughed. “You’re so into Abigail that you don’t even notice when other women are wanting your attention.”

James coughed. His only response to Detective Joshua’s taunt.

“We are here,” he informed him as they got to a huge door. He reached for the door knob and turned it.

The door responded and opened silently. They walked in and were greeted by an empty office. The small room was clean and smelt nice as it always did, but Ruth was missing. Where could she be? Or had she relocated till Abigail returns? He couldn’t tell.

To Be Continued….

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