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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 90

Haunted by my Past Mistake….

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 90

James almost laughed, but he stopped himself from doing so. He could detect astonishment and fear in Ruth’s voice. Had she not gotten over that day’s event? A smile creased his face.

“I’m very sorry calling you at this late hour, but I urgently need to talk to you.”

The sound of a slight cough could be heard over the phone. “What’s this about, sir?” Ruth asked.

“I want you to tell me everything you know about the visits Mr. David made to the office.”

“He always came for Miss Abigail, sir.”

“Did you know what his visits meant?”

“I don’t, sir. But he was always cold and cranky. I don’t get it, but i usually had an eerie feeling whenever I saw him.”

This was it. He was slowly getting there. “You heard any of their conversations?”

“I did not. She taught me never to eavesdrop. I never did. But I heard voices, though. It wasn’t clear, but I could feel tremor in her voice whenever she spoke with him, like she was never comfortable in his presence.” She paused for a little while. “What’s this all about, sir?”

“You’d get to know, soon. Um, do you have an idea, what transpired between your boss and a strange lady? Abigail hit her.”

James could hear her giggling over the phone. That incident must have been funny. He caught himself wishing to have been there when Abigail had slapped her. Now that he thought about it, Victoria, sure deserved that slap.

“Um…. I heard the lady accidentally collided with Miss Abigail. She did not apologise, they kinda exchanged words and she got what she’d called for.”

“They didn’t bicker?”

“Um….. I don’t think so. It didn’t take much time, just for a while.”

Then, they must not have argued concerning him. Why did Victoria go there? Only she could supply the answer.

“Thank you for cooperating. Have a great night.” James quickly disconnected the call. He was done and that was that. He wouldn’t let her say one more word. He was in no mood to satisfy the curiosity of anyone. He needed to satisfy his.

“Did you get everything?”

“Everything,” Detective Joshua confidently responded with a smile on his face.

“Now, we’ve got enough evidence to hold ’em down.” Doctor Caleb was happy and proud of the fact that he had helped.

“We don’t know where she is. We still don’t.” James was getting angry. If Joshua  hadn’t been so stupid, as he called it, Abigail would have been out of David’s hands. He had not yet fully forgiven Detective Joshua for what he did.

He had a reason, didn’t he? “Why did you do it?” he asked, facing Joshua.

Detective Joshua had been waiting for this. He knew he’d ask. He’d know why he blew their cover up and let David see them. Now, he’d tell them everything. He tried reading the meaning of James stare. He could not decipher what he was thinking. He understood, better not to infuriate him.

“There’s a reason,” he breathed out.

“What’s the reason?” James shot at him.

Dr. Caleb took him by the shoulder,

“Yelling at him won’t get him to talk. Why don’t you settle down and listen to what he has to say?”

“He has a wristwatch on,” Detective Joshua began. “Its something I’ve noticed-”

“Everyone has a watch on,” Dr. Caleb taunted, chuckling. “I have one, too.” He raised his left arm for them to see it.

Joshua snorted and shot Caleb a warning look. He wasn’t gonna let his friend get to him. “There was something different about it. Its metallic, very rare and expensive. That watch is so important to this case,” he paused, reading their expressions. They were eager to hear more. He smirked and continued. “The tape we watched showed us a masked man taking away Abigail. We can prove it was David.”

“How?” James asked. His anger had cooled off.

“He’s always wearing the watch. It’s exactly the same.”

Caleb recalled something. “He had it on! I definitely saw it.”

“That’s true. He made a mistake. It must be part of him that’s difficult to let go off. Well, that night I spoke with him, I tactfully placed a tracking device on his watch. It’s so tiny that he can’t notice it.”

“That’s why……. that’s why you let him see us.” Dr. Caleb blurted out.

Detective Joshua  nodded. “Recently, I’ve been studying his movements on my cellphone. I know his every move and I have good news,” he smiled triumphantly.

“What?” James hope lit up.

“I know where Abigail is.”

Watch-out for the rescue mission episode

To Be Continued…

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