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Haunted by my Past Mistake….Episode 99

Haunted by my Past Mistake….

Haunted by my Past Mistake....

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Episode 99

Victoria lay lazily in the bathtub. Her body covered with soapy water and her left hand out, dripping slowly with water. She closed her eyes, thinking deeply. The soapy water kept dripping off her hand at intervals making a soft noise as it touched the tiled floor.

The bathroom remained still except for the little drops of water that decreased each time one fell off. She laid still, motionless. Silence. Silence. Beats of silence.

“Nooo!!!” she shrieked suddenly, lifting herself off the tub. She placed both hands on her ears frantically. “It can’t be,” she whispered to the air. “It just can’t be,” she cried out again.

With quivering hands, she covered her nudity; wrapping a white cotton towel around her body. “They won’t let me be,” she muttered, stepping out of the bathtub, “Please, go away,” she sobbed.

And they wouldn’t just listen. They just continued speaking at the same time. Victoria felt her head was gonna split into two. She really couldn’t take it anymore. She covered her ears with her hands a second time and found her way out of the bathroom. On getting to her bedroom, she sank into her bed, weeping. “I’ve got to be her. If I’m not her, they’d never leave me.” More determined, she repeated, “I’ve got to be her. Victoria no more exists. I am Abigail.”
“Give me a name,” Abigail persisted. She was sure it’d get a good result. Without anymore whinnings and protests, she wholeheartedly submitted herself to the maids. They had done whatever they wanted, and she smiled at the perfect reflection of herself in the mirror. She never believed she’d be as pretty as she was after all that David put her through. She exhaled,

“I’m really curious to know,” she flashed the maid who had earlier answered her questions a broad smile, “Please…..”

The maid was between crossroads. A part of her wanted to jump right at the miss’s offer and tell her all she wanted to hear. The other part declined, and for good reasons. She had to keep her job and talking would do no good, it might cost her job. Then, she’d be out on the streets with her son – begging. It was something she never wanted to happen. She closed her eyes, inhaled and exhaled sharply as she weighed the outcomes of her intended actions in her head.

“Miss,” she called out softly, opening her eyes, “I can’t do it. As much as I want to, I can’t. Please, don’t ask any further questions.”

A frown curled Abigail’s lips. She thought of a better idea.

“Um, why don’t you give me the letter his name starts with. Trust me, if you were in my shoes, you’d be dying to know as much as I am.”

She felt sorry for her. She knew that feeling too – being kept in the dark while everyone else was aware. Its unbearable. This wouldn’t hurt, right?

“It starts with the letter J.” the maid finally confessed.

Abigail grinned. “J.” she repeated.

“Its a J,” she said again.

Abigail felt her stomach flutter. “ J.” It was James. He was actually the one behind the facade, just to show how much he loved her. She felt loved.

“Um, Is it a 5 letter word name?” Abigail asked.

“Uh…..yes, it is.”

That’s it! Her guess wasn’t hazarded. It was a good guess. James, James. Oh, how she had missed him. She was finally gonna see him and determined to love him back. Nothing was going to deny her of being happy, especially with him. She wasn’t scared anymore, she was more than willing to love him and have him as hers.

“Miss, its time. He awaits your presence,” the maid informed, breaking into her reverie.

Abigail smiled dreamily. Excited she was. She couldn’t wait to lay her eyes on him. The only man who had succeeded in breaking the walls around her heart. Staring at the mirror, she said, “Lets do some finishing touch.”
“Two turns at your left,” David directed. He was going to help get Deborah back. He was sure of it. Good thing he realized his mistakes, but it was a little late. Despite that, he was determined to be a good guy and love enough to let go, just like James.

Detective Joshua felt the piercing silence eating him up. He decided to take advantage of it.

“David,” he called out, exhaling. “Are you sure you’re taking us to the right place? If this happens to be a set up, I’d personally put a bullet to your skull,” he threatened.

“Its the right place.” He thought for a while, “I’m not wrong. If we don’t get to find her, they might have moved.” He looked scared. They shouldn’t move, he prayed. “I swear it-”

“Don’t you dare swear!” James exclaimed, irritated. “Do not swear in my presence,” he warned.

“Relax brother, he’s tryna convince -”

“I think we’re here,” David cut him off.


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