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Exemplary Living by Pastor Steve Soyebo

Exemplary Living Pastor Steve Soyebo

We are in a season where there seem to be a scarcity of the word of God, but then again, we know God always has His remnants whose task is to keep teaching and preaching the true word of God. This message you are about to listen to is titled exemplary living by pastor Steve .

Pastor Steve Soyebo is the Senior Pastor at House on the Word Church, which is a non-denominational, multi-cultural church in the city of Houston.

“Bishop”, as he is fondly called; is known for his servant heart,
compassionate acts and leadership skills. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, he carries a clear message of empowerment, hope, healing and transformation. He is widely regarded as a visionary leader and bridge-builder.

Pastor Steve is passionate about helping people around him
develop to their fullest potential. His experience in the real estate
business, traveling and speaking internationally has helped shape his commitment to showcasing a ministry where people of all racial and ethnic groups worship God in a loving and caring atmosphere

We pray you will be blessed as you listen:

Connect with Pastor Steve:

Website: www.pastorstevesoyebo.com

Facebook: @stevesoyebo

Twitter: @stevesoyebo

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