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Story: A Love From Above….Episode 1 (By Joy Curry)

A Love From Above….

Love From Above

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Episode 1

“Mom, do you know anything about who’s moving in next door?” Denise called out, as she gazed out her bedroom window. “There’s a moving van backed up to the front door over there!”

“Oh, are they here now? Mary was telling me last week at the beauty shop that Janet Forbes’ cousin from California and his family are buying that place. Rivers, I think was the name. I didn’t realize they’d be moving in so soon, though,” Doris replied thoughtfully, drying her hands on a kitchen towel. “Do you see anyone over there?” she called out from the kitchen.

“Come on in here, Mom. There’s a real good view from my window,” Denise responded, mischieviously.

Hidden by the pink ruffled curtains, together, they peeked eagerly at the house next door, but, to their disappointment, only two men in white coveralls were visible. Denise and her mom watched as the men unloaded a refrigerator from the van, and with expertise, maneuvered it into the house.

“You know, that house has been vacant a long time now. It’ll be nice to have new neighbors,” Doris commented.

“I heard Dad say once that the owners of that house were ‘asking a fortune’ for it. But, it really is a nice house, huh.” Denise mentally compared the large brick house, sprawled in ranch fashion to the newly remodeled white frame house she had grown up in.

“You’re right,” Doris replied. “But, I’ve got to get back to work. You know how busy Saturdays always are around here! In fact, you’ve got quite a bit to do yourself, by the looks of this room!” Doris hinted strongly, glancing around the room as she exited.

Easing down to sit on the side of her bed where she could continue her vigil, Denise wondered about her new neighbors. Perhaps it would be an older couple. That would be nice, she thought, if they weren’t too nosey. Nosey neighbors were the pits!

“Oh, no,” she thought. “What if they’ve got a bunch of little kids! No way could she handle that! Just having Todd, her little brother, underfoot all the time was bad enough. Denise groaned under her breath.

She began to notice that the wind appeared hardly blowing at all today, the sun was shining bright. How unusual for this ‘almost West Texas’ country, Denise mused. It seemed so unusually warm for a late February day. Perhaps spring would come early this year!

Then, something caught her eye. Her curiosity peaked, as she saw a new black sports car pull into the driveway next door, and she watched, amazed, as out sprang a young, delightfully masculine form! She took in the well-built torso, long muscular legs, and his olive colored skin, which was emphasized by the white tank top and walking shorts he was wearing. She could see his fine features distantly and noted his dark curly hair.

Surely this wasn’t her new neighbor, she thought, as she drew a deep breath excitedly. Denise’s imagination began to run wild. It sure would be cool to live next door to that!

Another car then pulled into the drive, and out climbed a man and a young-looking woman, who turned and assisted a small child out of the car. What a darling little girl, Denise thought, as the woman took the small girl’s hand and the three began walking toward the moving van.

As the strangers disappeared into the house next door, Denise heard her mother calling for help in the kitchen. Time to get lunch ready, Denise guessed. With the interruption of her train of thought, she arose reluctantly to the call of duty.

“They’re here, Mom. Why do you think anyone would move all the way from California to a small town like this? I can’t imagine that!”

“Well, Mary said they were hoping the small town atmosphere would help settle down their teen-age son. She said something about him getting in with a pretty rough crowd out there. And, too, they have a lot of relatives in the area, I think.”

“About the son, Mom, do you know if he’s still in school? I got a pretty good look at him and he’s a real hunk! I’m impressed! Denise smiled, mischieviously.

“Now, you better watch out, girl! He’s a bit older than you, and I’d guess by the sound of it, he’s been around quite a bit! I don’t want you getting involved with someone like that! But, yes, I believe she did say he’s in his last year of high school. Sounds to me like they waited a bit late to try to change his direction! And I don’t want to have to worry about trying to change your direction, Young Lady! You just be nice to him and stay out of his way,” warned Doris.

But there was something in Denise’s eyes that said the warning had come too late.

The following Monday, Denise looked for her new neighbor in all her classes at school. She had only seen him darting in and out of the house and car over the weekend.

Sure enough, to her glad surprise, she was seated in her fifth period Algebra class just before the bell, when looking up,she caught his eye as he entered the room. He sat near the back of the room, across from where Denise sat, and frequently, she glanced back in his direction. She had no difficulty getting his attention. She caught him watching her several times. When their eyes met, she could feel an electric current passing between them. She could hardly keep her mind on the lesson!

As the bell rang, Denise picked up her things and started for the door, her heart beating rapidly in excitement. Determined to get to know her new neighbor as soon as possible, (well, Mom said to be nice to him, she reasoned), she managed to bump right into him at the doorway.

Boldly, she smiled, saying, “Excuse me. I didn’t mean to run over you! But, I think you’re my new neighbor! I live in the white house trimmed in blue just south of you. I’m Denise Whitaker.”

“Well, hello, Denise. I’m Jonathan Rivers. Just call me Jon, everybody else does,” he said, staring boldly at Denise. “I thought I’d seen you somewhere. Right next door, huh. Well, that’ll be real handy!” He smiled with interest, as they stepped aside to let other students into the room for the next class. “Hey, since we’re neighbors, can I take you home after school? Maybe we can make a few drags, get to know each other and you can introduce me to everybody. How ’bout it?”

Denise hesitated. She knew immediately Mom was not going to like this! But, it was the perfect chance! She could be his first friend! Besides, she’d love to ride in that dream-car!

“Thanks, I’d love that! Why don’t we meet at the side door after the last bell, OK?”

“Sure thing, Babe!” Jon agree, as he hurried off toward the lockers.

Reluctantly, Denise turned and hurried to her next class, English II. Throughout the class, notes kept appearing on her desk from other girls, wanting to know about the new guy in school. She was in Heaven! But, what was she gonna do about Mom?

Denise had never deliberately deceived her folks before, but Mom would never understand just how important this was! She decided to call home and ask to go to Angela’s house after school to study. They did that pretty often, anyway, and it seemed to be a simple solution. She would walk home afterward, she told her mom. It was all set!

At the last bell of the day, Denise darted down the hall to the locker, grabbed the books she needed and headed for the restroom to check her makeup and hair. She simply had to look her best for Jon!

She stood in front of the mirror, excited! Her conscience kept trying to challenge her, but, she wouldn’t listen, couldn’t listen, not now. It was too late to change her mind. What was done was done! It would be such fun and her parents would never have to know!

She put her books on the floor and hurriedly brushed through her long, strawberry blonde curls, applied another layer of mascara to her already long, thick lashes, which brought out the sky blue color in her oval eyes. She added a small amount of blush, spreading it evenly, high on her cheeks, and freshened her lipstick. That’s better, Denise decided, putting away her makeup, and straightening her pink sweater over her jeans. She sprayed on her favorite sweet-smelling cologne and went, reassured, to meet Jon.

Rounding the last corner to the side door, she saw him, surrounded by several classmates (mostly girls, of course!), all volleying for Jon’s attention. Smiling confidently, she walked right up, interrupting the open flirtation as she said, sweetly, “Ready, Jon?” She noticed his beautiful, chocolate brown eyes as he held the door open for her. She had been so nervous earlier when she introduced herself, she hadn’t even noticed. Oh, man, he was so handsome!

Jon led her out to his car in the student parking lot.

Denise laughed, “So you already have a fan club, huh?”

“Not hardly,” Jon replied confidently. “Just the ‘welcoming committee’ checking out the new kid in town! I’ve seen it a dozen times, haven’t you?”

“Well, they looked impressed!” Denise responded proudly.

Jon opened the passenger car door, seemingly unaware of all the other students in the parking area, until Nancy, Denise’s best friend, called out, “Denise, are you going to the ‘hangout’?” Mark and I are! Why don’t you meet us there, so we can get to know your friend.” She smiled, as she and Denise exchanged glances.

“How about it, Jon” Do you want to go there? That’s where almost everybody goes after school.”

“Sure, Doll, show me the way!” Jon replied, as he started the motor.

Mark and Namcy led out, Jon following closely behind, as Denise, so excited just to be riding in this awesome car and to be sitting here beside Jon, reveled in her good fortune.

“Hey, do you look this good all the time? And you’re not tied up? I mean, going steady or anything?”

“Thanks. No, at the moment I’m free as a bird.” Denise waved her arms in comical demonstration.

“I love your cologne. It just fits you, you know? You can judge a girl by the type of cologne she wears. Did you know that?”

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Denise said, laughing, as the car began slowing for the turn.

They pulled up at the local Snack-Shack, which was beginning to be packed out with high school kids. They went inside and sat with Nancy and Mark in a booth. Someone had just picked some songs on the jukebox and it was playing loudly.

They all ordered soft drinks and Jon was introduced to Mark and Nancy. Immediately, the guys began discussing cars.

“How did you get a car like that?” Mark asked, somewhat awe struck. “Man, what I’d give…, well, if I had it, of course,” he added, almost apologetically.

“Well, I think it was a bribe, actually,” Jon laughed. “Dad seemed to think it would help me feel better about moving here. And I guess it worked, not that I actually had much choice about the move. But, it’s OK.”

Denise noted a sadness creeping into his voice, even though he was laughing it off.

It was easy to see that Mark was envious of Jon’s new sports model. Denise thought of Mark’s ’93 Ford Ranger and remembered how proud he was the day he got it. And though he worked after school and weekends to pay for it, he always managed to keep it clean and polished to a brilliant shine. Her heart went out to Mark, but then, she, too, was fascinated with Jon’s sports car.

Jon was introduced to all the kids in the crowd, as they came near the booth. He had no trouble making friends, Denise noted. He was sure to be popular at this school!

“So what do you guys do for fun around here?” Jon asked. “I cane from California and there are a lot of neat places to go and things to do out there. Do you go out of town for fun or what?”

“Oh, there’s always a lot to do around here,” Mark spoke up in defense of his home town. “There’s always somebody giving a party or a school sponsored project. Since it’s getting close to summer, there’ll be lots of banquets and the Spring Fling is coming up pretty soon, that’s always a lot of fun. It’s to raise money for the School Band. You’re going, aren’t you, Denise? Nancy and I are going.” Mark smiled down at Nancy, slipping his arm around her possessively.

Denise looked at Jon. Maybe he’d ask her to go with him. She’d already been asked, but hadn’t made a commitment, yet. And wouldn’t if she had a chance to go with Jon.

“Sure, I’m going! It’ll be fun! You’ll want to go too, Jon, won’t you?”

“Might as well, if you’ll go with me, Denise.” Jon smiled, looking into her eyes. “I’ll bet we could have a good time, even if it was a drag!”

Denise’s eyes lit up, as a new color of pink crept slowly into her cheeks. Her heart began to pound, but she answered casually, “Yeah, sure, I’ll go with you.”

Denise was conscious of the time passing and knew her mom would be getting anxious if she didn’t get home pretty soon.She might even call Angela’s house!

“Jon, I hate to break this up, but, I guess I need to get home. I’ve got a lot of homework to do and my mom will be expecting me soon.

“Sure, Denise. Me, too. See you guys tomorrow,” Jon said, rising to his feet.

“I’ll call you later, Denise,” Nancy called out. “I need some help with that English assignment, OK?”

“OK,” Denise said, smiling, as Jon slid his arm around her shoulder possessively. It was hard to believe she had just met him!

On the ride home, she reluctantly asked Jon to let her out about a block from home. He gave her a questioning look.

“Well, you see,” Denise hesitated, her eyes begging him to understand,”my mom is real funny about things like this. I don’t think she would understand about me being out with you – when I’ve just me you, you know – so I told her I’d be studying with Angela and would walk home.”

Jon smiled. “Sure thing. I know how folks can be!” He pulled over to a vacant lot near the street they lived on, put his car in park, leaned over and kissed Denise sweetly, catching her off guard. But, she didn’t try to resist.

“Thanks, Denise, for a great time. I really had fun with you. Do you want to do something Saturday night? Or can you work it with your mom?”

Denise, still out of breath from the excitement of the unexpected kiss, answered, “I had fun, too, Jon! I’ll see what I can do about Saturday night. I’ll let you know,OK?”

She got out of the car with one last look at his beautiful, dreamy eyes.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, then,” Jon said, as he drove away.

Man, Denise thought, he doesn’t waste time! She couldn’t believe all that had happened in just one afternoon.

It was only a short walk home, but it was but it was enough time for Denise to do a lot of heavy thinking. She had lied to her mother, gone to the ‘hangout’, (which her mother frowned upon) and she had let a stranger, (well, he was a stranger this morning), kiss her. But, it was only a brief kiss, just a ‘Thank you’ kiss, Denise reasoned to herself. There wasn’t anything wrong with that, was there?

Well, even if he was a smooth operator, and he seemed pretty experienced with girls, she could handle it! She’d had a lot of boyfriends. Of course, she had never actually dated, just escorted to parties, banquets and such. And the parents, one or both, were always around. Also, she was only a sophomore, and until now, she never had a boyfriend older than her. Her mom would have a fit! Even if she hadn’t already warned her about him!

What was she going to do now? What about Saturday night? She really wanted to be with him. He made her feel so special, so secure. Was she falling in love? She had never felt this way before, especially about someone she had just met!

With a divided heart, guilty about the deception and happy with the thought of being with Jon, she walked into the house and laid her books on the coffee table.

“Mom, I’m home,” Denise called out.

To Be Continued….

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